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How to List Your House Using Flat fee MLS in Kansas

Navigating an FSBO sale is daunting. The idea of having to list your home, attract potential buyers, and close the deal can be enough to make you hesitate about whether this is the ideal route. However, proof exists that reveals FSBO sales are not as complicated as they are perceived. The proof? Thousands of Kansas sellers have already managed to profit from FSBO sales. You can also benefit by utilizing the best flat fee MLS Kansas sellers use.

Find The Best Flat Fee MLS Kansas Sellers Can Access

A critical aspect of listing your home using a flat fee MLS Kansas is to find the very best. The reason for this is that the success of your sale depends on the features and services offered by a flat fee broker or listing service. There are several factors you should consider when creating a list, these include:

Syndication: A flat fee MLS Kansas City sellers use would not be beneficial to Wichita sellers. For that reason, determine that the flat fee MLS you’re selecting has relevant syndication.

Ease of Use: How much time would the platform you’re choosing require you to spend on creating the listing, uploading documentation, negotiating with buyers?

Additionally, you should be concerned about whether or not you can complete the process through a simple dashboard or whether you will need to email back-and-forth with a representative. If it is the latter, ensure the representatives you are dealing with are competent and available.

Support: Does the listing service offer any customer support? Although an FSBO sale is a DIY process, you should not lack assistance with your most significant investment.

Reviewing this list of must-haves, some of the best flat fee MLS Kansas sellers use include Houzeo, Mink Realty, and Paradigm Realty.

Purchase the MLS Listing For a Flat Fee

Using Houzeo as an example, you can access the maximum number of images allowed by the MLS, state and federal disclosures, in addition to an escrow agent for an upfront fee of $459. Once you pay this upfront fee, you are one step closer to having your listing go live.

Supply Necessary Documentations

After paying the fee, you can start to upload any necessary documentation. On Houzeo, you can complete this process on your seller dashboard. They also provide a digital checklist – this way, once you upload a document, it’s marked as complete on the list. However, using Paradigm Realty and Mink Realty you will need to email any relevant documents.

Sign The Listing Agreement

The listing agreement ensures your home can go live on the MLS. You should be able to complete this process using a digital signature to sign the agreement.

After completing these steps, your listing can go live in between 1 and 4 business days, depending on the service you use and how quickly your documents are processed.

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