How to invest and make money – 3 key tips for keeping track of your finances!

For those looking to be smart with their finances and save money, you may find that learning how to distribute money in your accounts is the best way to keep your assets safe. In addition, you can take chances on some opportunities if you feel you have some money to spare. By mixing a few stable accounts with some new opportunities, you can have a dynamic financial portfolio.

If you want a safe place to keep cash before you need immediate access, you may find that online methods are the best place to save money quickly. Instead of putting money in a bank that can require in-person visiting to obtain, you can store your money in a digital wallet or online program that makes it easier for you to get it quickly.

Let’s see three ways you can store and make money online, helping you keep track of your finances and increase your income! Reach out to Viva Capital Management to know more about investing money.

3 investment options when learning how to invest money!

Many people with the current pandemic are looking for short-term investments – but what is that? Short-term investments are ways to help you get money at a particular time. If you need money for a big purchase, like a down payment for a house, you may want to invest and need your money ready on the spot.

When looking for how to invest money, there are a few things you need to consider. Safety is not always guaranteed – chances are you will not earn as much in investing in the long term if you use only a short-term method. If you invest for the short term, you are limited when compared to the long term.

In this case, we recommend these three investment options to safeguard your money and turn a profit!

Method 1: Invest in cryptocurrency

Creating a cryptocurrency portfolio is one of the most significant ways to invest your money in modern times. Instead of purchasing stocks and bonds, many young millennials are putting their hard-earned cash into the crypto portfolio, investing in items such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Just like other monetary currency, bitcoin lets you buy goods, services, products, and trade items with other people.

Cryptocurrency uses an online technology called a blockchain that helps keep transactions secure and protect your account. Like real money, you can use cryptocurrency to trade, buy services, or invest in other currencies. Currently, the market capitalization on Bitcoin is over $735 billion, while Etherium is presently sitting at $324 billion.

Method 2: Cash yield account

Cash yield is a calculation that helps you calculate the return you would earn from an asset that produces income. A cash-on-cash yield also refers to the number of distributions paid by an income trust. Users can benefit from a cash yield during an investment by earning greater payouts on amounts in the latter part of an investment period.

Method 3: High-yield savings accounts

The third method when learning how to invest is to invest in a high-yield savings account. This method involves paying you interest on your cash balance as you can avoid risk.


Figuring out the best investments for your growing financial portfolio is essential to dividing your income and separating your assets. Consider investing in cryptocurrency, creating a cash yield account, and opening a high-yield savings account.

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