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How To Improve Your Online Presence Through Digital Marketing: Canadian Lawyers Edition

The premise of digital marketing is that it helps promote your business to gain more online visibility, leading to increased number of customers. In legal profession, you are constantly on the move and even though you might have a squeaky clean record of wins, you will still need someone to hold the microphone and let people know that you are among the topmost legal talents of your area. Digital marketing does just that.

It isn’t enough to merely jot down your client testimonials and feedback on your services because honestly, you might seem like tooting your own horn if you keep harping on your own success. Instead, follow the given strategies to market your talent digitally, across the country, via your website.

  • List your firm in Google My Business

Google My Business keeps your firm into its large database, which upon searching, will bring out the best ranking pages. Clearly state your address and contact number, along with working hours and other specifications so that it is all available  in one click. This improves your chances of gathering good leads.

  • List your firm in local online directories

There are a handful of well-known online directories which keep professionals categorised in one place for an indexed search. Make sure your firm is registered with all of them, along with your partners’ details, so that it returns an organic search result.

  • Go for organic links by putting up blog posts

Gaining authority and trustworthiness online is a job that keeps rewarding, if done well. Write for your peers and in online industry magazines and periodicals, then linking them in your website to have a positive impression on the viewers and potential clients. You can have your own blog on your firm’s website, having consultation articles by other leading experts, too.

  • Offer free consultation via website

Such one foot-in-door schemes and promotional proposals garner maximum traction as they help building the client’s trust by way of demonstration of expertise. You can inculcate an online form for a free client consultation, upon which you can also get some feedback. These kind of perks and promotional offers work very well with small-scale cases.

  • Post genuine reviews and testimonials

When it comes to reviews, there is nothing better than a client who has had a completely positive experience with your firm and speaks from the heart. A testimonial without ornamental adjectives work best. Encourage the feedback to be specific in kind and extent.

  • Utilize the paid ads strategy for more leads

Paid ads are a great way of promoting your firm within potential circles that will give you confirmed leads. You can generally customize your ads based on the duration or the reach. These days, paid ads on social media have turned out to be the hidden gems of getting conversion rates high.

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Usually people are on the lookout for experts who can guide them legally in problems related to insurance, family issues, settlements or divorce cases. Most of these consultations tend to be small and limited, but be aware that part of being a professional lawyer is networking to find the right clients. Digital marketing is an extension of it and should be treated as an instrument of promotion itself.

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