How to hang a frameless mirror on a wall

You would probably hear saying that frameless wall mirrors only look best on the bathroom wall. But, it looks best in every corner of the house whether it is a bathroom, living room, or any other part. It will change the overall look of the house. EVERBETTER Frameless bathroom mirrors fit with any type of home decor design. Simply you can hang it on any part of your home.

The procedure of hanging a frameless mirror is quite different from hanging a mirror with a frame. So, if you are thinking of a frameless mirror in your home and you have ordered a frameless mirror, it’s high time to get knowledge on how you can hang a frameless mirror on a wall.

In this article, a simple and complete directory is given for the smooth hanging of frameless mirror on the wall.

Step1. Mark the exact spot where you want to hang a mirror:

First, you have to decide on which wall of the house you think the mirror looks best. It is the first and important step because it will make or break the whole look of the wall. So, it requires a deep and keen inspection of the house. Take the mirror and hold it carefully. Hold the mirror against the decided wall and in the position which you want to hang. With the help of a pencil or marker, mark on the top and bottom corners of the mirror. Now, put the mirror on the marks.

For a safe procedure, take the help of someone which makes it easier to hang and mark the spot.

Choose the clips according to the weight and size of the frameless mirror. If the mirror is small, use simple clips. If the mirror is large, then use Z clips which can bear more weight as compared to simple clips.

Step2. Make sure the position is exact or not:

Make sure the straight position of the mirror. In this regard, spirit level will help you a lot. Take a spirit level and place it against the marking you made in the first step. Using a spirit level is simple. The bubble will go exactly between the marks if the marking is correct.

Step3. Check the surface of the wall:

Check the surface of the wall if it is flat or not. If the wall is bumpy at some points, hanging the mirror over there has the chance to crack the wall. Use a straight-edged board to locate a bump on the wall. By sliding the straight-edged board over the wall, you can easily feel the bump. You can use the power sander method or choose another part of the wall to hang a frameless mirror.

Step4. Mark the studs:

Studs are usually present in the interior walls of the homes. Studs are beams made up of wood that are evenly spaced in the walls to support them. You can easily find the studs by using an automatic stud finder. Use the pencil or marker to mark the spots where studs are present. If you don’t have an automatic stud finder, use the tapping on the wall technique which works to find studs but it is time-consuming too. Listen carefully to the sound. If the sound turns solid, that means it’s a brick sound. The sound turns hollow if the wooden stud is present there.

The reason behind finding the stud is to find an area where the stud and clip can screw together.

Step5. Drill pilot holes:

The requirement of this step is a power drill. Place the power drill over the spots you mark earlier. Make the holes on spots with the help of a power drill. Using a screwdriver, screw the bottom clips for every pilot hole into the wall.

Step6. Mark and drill the top mirror clip:

The same procedure is applied here for marking the bottom mirror clip. Draw a line vertically upward from each bottom clip. This line should be aligned with the top edge line you have marked earlier. Mark the area and make pilot holes with the help of a power drill.

Step7. Final step:

Using a screwdriver, screw the bracket (present on the top clip) into the wall. Now, carefully slide and tilt the mirror on the bottom clip until the mirror flushes with the wall. Screw the remaining part of the top clip into the top bracket to place the mirror tightly on the wall. Are you all done? Congrats, you have successfully hung a frameless mirror on the wall.

Hope this article will help you a lot in wall decor, hanging a mirror without frame on the wall without any difficulty. All you have to do is to follow these steps carefully for the successful installation of the frameless mirror. Infused remedies for everything

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