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How to grow your personal Facebook page fast?

In this era of fast branding and influencer marketing, it has become extremely important to have your personal brand page to earn that sweet money but, with the changing and evolving algorithm from big players in the space like Facebook, Instagram and youtube I know how difficult it can be sometimes when you are just starting out and don’t know where to go and what to do just to grow your personal page a bit faster to catch up.

Here I am sharing with you some tips and hacks which you can use to grow your personal Facebook page a bit faster than the normal growth rate.

Research – As you may have already heard from the top influencers that a little bit of research goes a long way and that is actually true. Do your research and follow some of the pages from your specific niche and try to keep up with the posts they are posting and look for the type of post which actually popped off from their page and try to do posts like that or you can straight up copy the type and just do it with your own content.

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Frequency – The frequency of posting is of big importance, see what works for your page and adjust your frequency of posting according to that, Start by posting once a week and see if your page is gaining traction, if not then start posting more frequently and look for the sweet spot. For some people the posting once a week works well and for some people and niche even posting multiple times a day doesn’t work too. So, it comes down to niche as well for news and meme related pages posting multiple times a day works well. Remember to not get worn out as then you might not have enough content to for further to post.

Time – The time of posting is another factor that is of utmost importance and it also works somewhat like the frequency only. Try and post in multiple timeframes and see what is working for your niche for Eg; if you are into the finance niche then nobody reads articles from finance in the night and if you are in the fashion niche then nobody is looking out for fashion posts in the early morning. So, you gotta find a sweet spot here too in which you post that works for you.

Buzzvoice – Facebook likes can be bought from sites like buzzvoice with genuine service as it might give your personal brand the boost it really needs. People only like to see posts from people who already have some following and brands lookout for that too. So, it can be of huge help if you already have some kind of following to start with and brands lookout for post likes and page likes too which produces a psychological effect on the person reading or watching your posts.

Outsource – last but not least if you are unable to keep up with your postings and timings then outsource your content to social media marketers and virtual assistants to focus on the research and the content a bit more and the postings and keeping up with the timings can be taken care of by the social media marketers and the virtual assistants that you hire

These are some of the tricks that might help you in the shorter run and give your personal brand a kickstart so that you don’t have to wait to start earning that sweet money we talked about earlier.

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