How to Get More Deep Sleep: Simple Tips to Start Sleeping Better Tonight

Sleep is a very important activity in our life. A person cannot survive without sleep. Sleeping not only restores and repairs our body but also releases a special kind of hormone known as melatonin. The melatonin present in our body helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins from the body. After a hard day of work the only thing that can drive away your tiredness is good food and a long nap. Someone needs to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day. There are 2 main types of sleep: Light sleep and deep sleep. Also, there are 2 stages of sleep based on eye movement.


NON-REM: This is the first stage of your sleep and is usually the first 5-10 minutes after falling asleep. It is like a transition state from being awake to falling asleep. Your body will slow down like eye movements, heart rate, respiration rate even your brain waves will slow down. The body temperature decreases. The second stage is the stage that consists of 45% of our sleep cycle.

REM: REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. The stage where our brain is the most active occurs usually after 90 minutes of falling asleep. It’s very hard to wake up in this stage and is the most vital stage. This is where we see dreams or you start night walking, etc.

After learning about the types of sleep, learn how to improve your quality of sleep. Below are some of the tips to improve your sleep. These tips can help you in increasing both the quantity and quality of your sleep by following some simple hacks regularly.

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EXERCISING: One should practice exercising daily as it will help a lot in the release of happy hormones which will make you calmer and enable you to sleep better. Exercising also helps in regulating your blood pressure and also helps in blood circulation in the brain. One can start with light exercising like jogging or walking and there is no thumb rule that one needs to do heavy exercising to get more sleep. Exercising for 30 minutes is enough.

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KEEP A CHECK ON WHAT YOU EAT: It is always advised by sleep experts not to have a heavy meal for dinner as that can affect your sleep. Also, one must avoid midnight snacking as this can be an obstruction to your sleep. You should have a light dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime so that you have enough time to digest your food before bedtime. You should avoid spicy foods because that might create gastric influx and you will get heat burns and you won’t be able to sleep.

HAVE AN OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE: Researchers have revealed that when the room temperature is right it is easy for the person to fall asleep soon. Though room temperature preferences vary from person to person, it has been seen on average that if the temperature is slightly towards the cooler side, it is easier for you to get deep sleep.

HAVE A SLEEP-WAKE SCHEDULE: If you want to fall asleep faster and have a good deep sleep then you must create a routine for yourself. You must have a definite sleep time and wake-up time. This creates a biorhythm inside your body and when the time for you to sleep arrives you start automatically feeling sleepy and it becomes very easy for you to fall asleep. This also includes afternoon naps. And if taking an afternoon nap is not letting you sleep at night then you should skip your afternoon nap.

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ACCESSORIES: Your sleep is also very much dependent on accessories like lighting, pillows, mattress, etc. One can’t sleep in bright light and so he needs dim lighting to fall asleep. One needs to have a comfortable mattress that will properly support his weight and is soft and comfortable so that he doesn’t experience any sort of body pain. One can use other types of accessories like a heavy weighted blanket which will give them a lot of comfort and help them to fall asleep much faster.

PINK NOISES: One can take the help of natural noises like the rustling of leaves, falling rain, or crashing of waves at the shore to fall asleep. These types of noises are known as pink noises which increase the level of serotonin and make you calmer and happier.

SWITCH OF YOUR DEVICES: Sleep experts will always suggest you switch off your devices at least before 1 hour of bedtime to avoid the blue light. Throughout the day we are glued to our devices like phones, tabs, etc. Devices emit blue light which stimulates the brain and doesn’t let you sleep.

FOLLOW A NIGHTTIME RITUAL: Following a bedtime ritual makes one calmer and more peaceful just before going to bed. It can be reading a book or doing a skincare routine which will make you feel more relaxed. This will help you to sleep better. You must avoid stressful or exciting situations just before sleeping as that might disturb and not let you fall asleep.

USE OF WHITE NOISE MACHINE: You need to have a calm and peaceful surrounding so that you can sleep better without any disturbances. If your house is too close to the road you might get disturbed with noise and traffic horns. In that case, you can use a white noise machine which will cancel out all your surrounding noises so that you can have a more peaceful environment to fall asleep faster.

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These are a few tips that will help you to sleep better. These steps will help you get a peaceful night of sleep. Sleeping has a lot of benefits and without sleep, we become frustrated and moody. This results in mood swings and stress. Deep sleep is very important for all. As people get older, they tend to sleep less and all they get is some light sleep while younger people tend to sleep more especially babies. They get deep sleep and at this stage, growth hormone gets released which helps in cell growth and repair.

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