How to Get Invested in Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is absolutely instrumental when it comes to promoting an environment that provides every employee the means to tap into the best versions of themselves. Without a proper wellness program in place at your company, you run the risk of having a whole lot of employees end up being burned out.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant stress and anxiety for many employees. More than ever, people have had to lean on the self-care tools that they have in place to keep their sanity intact. Some folks never had the tools to begin with though. Without proper wellness tools, employees can become vulnerable in the workplace and this leads to stress, mental health issues and reduced work. Promoting wellness goes beyond wellness programs and into the health and safety of the business as a whole, therefore it’s important to keep up-to-date with your Health and Safety Representative Training as well as the employee wellness programs. Let’s take a closer look at what kinds of benefits come from implementing a wellness program at your company.

1. Encourage mindful exercises for higher productivity.

Every company that’s invested in running a successful business model should also be invested in a wellness program. An employee wellness program with the right kinds of expert instructors on hand will be able to educate your employees on various wellness strategies. You’ll have topics like healthy eating and physical health being discussed. From there, your employees will gain the knowledge that they need to then effectively integrate the strategies into their lives.

You might even find that you have an employee take up a meditation practice to further hone their mind. Not only is meditation a powerful way to hack your brain, but it can also even lower your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure naturally paves the way for more energy, and that energy can then be funneled back into more productive days at the office.

2. Encourage more enthusiasm with team activities.

Burnout is a terrible thing for you to find your employees dealing with. The last thing that you want is an office weighed down by a dark cloud of negative energy and general carelessness when it comes to navigating the day’s tasks. So, by installing an Employee Wellness Program in your company that helps each of your employees with their stress management efforts, you provide a great way for them to have an experience that they can look forward to.

Think of an exciting activity for your team members to do together such as rock climbing or surfing lessons. Surf lessons, for example, are a great way to engage in physical activity (if your team is into that) but also encourage team building. Go with a surfing company that offers beginner surf lessons, water safety, a surf camp, surfing etiquette, and surfer fundamentals. Doing a shared activity with your team not only helps to build trust but can also get everybody laughing and enjoying themselves. This is a fitness challenge that will definitely have your team excited!

3. Encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Employee wellness isn’t just physical activity or insurance that supports financial wellness; it’s also about the actual space you’re in. Now that many offices are returning to office buildings, it’s essential that your work environment has a healthy aura to it. Sitting in a stuffy room for hours doesn’t exactly help with your wellness plan, but there are a few tips that you can use to embrace wellness within the walls.

Essential oil products at work are known to have benefits such as increased focus, lifted spirits, and purifying the air that you and your team breathe. Having an oil diffuser up and running in the office opens the door to a wellness portal that your team members can greatly benefit from.

Additionally, having complimentary healthy snacks readily available is also a great step in the right direction of a health plan. Snacking during work is common, but it all depends on what type of snacks that you have. It’s important to have snacks that will fuel your team’s energy instead of depleting it, so it would be a good idea to consult with wellness coaches and dietitians on what food to have for your office.

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