How to Get an Affordable Web Design That Generates Quality Leads?

Part of creating an online presence for any business is developing a compelling website. The internet bends the bounds of location by making your business accessible to over 4 billion online users rather than just serving locally. Developing a great website is time-consuming, and has a lot of moving parts. Here’s how you can get an affordable web design that generates quality leads the first time!

What Makes an Effective Web Design?

Your web design should be an extension of your business – both when it comes to content and design. Express your organization values and personality by paying special attention to the following essential web features.


Your website should be accessible in different formats, from large desktop to tablet to mobile. Over 90% of internet users surf the web using a mobile device; if your site cannot accommodate a mobile user, you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue. Not only should it be accessible, it should also look great. The same features should function equally as well on all devices and their respective window sizes. Having a responsive website will boost your search engine relationship and rankings.


Making your website dynamic can help you target different audiences. A dynamic website essentially means that your users will receive different content, depending on their online activity. You can use dynamic settings to send out ads to users who have already visited your site.


Your website should have relevant, up-to-date, and interesting content. Yes, your organization should have all the typical content like an “about us” section along with a home page; but what about some other site content? Incorporating a website blog on your website can add depth to your website and boost your search engine optimization (SEO). This can help generate leads organically from Google searches and organic rankings.


No one wants to spend time on a website that looks boring. Include fun pictures, videos, animations, and colours to keep users intrigued on your website. Having photos and videos can be a great way to give your users detailed information without using so many words.


Make your website your own and unique to you. Aim to mirror the same environment across all your platforms. Changing up your organization blueprint too often can confuse customers and limit the number of returning customers.


A website is not, and should not, be a one-and-done operation. You need to consistently update and maintain your website. Well-maintained and updated websites fare much better on search engines than dormant competitors.

Website Costs

A good website is a substantial investment. Although, if you invest in a good website to begin with, you will save money in the long run. Additionally, some website developers will offer you website rentals rather than purchasing; some even offer rent-to-own services. Websites are not a one-time fee though, you need to keep up with a few minor details from now and then.

Domain Name

To have a website, you must have a domain name. This domain name is your website title and address online. Each domain name must be unique in order to replace the internet protocol address (IP address). These domains can be purchased if they are available and you can start creating website designs for your domain.


To have your website display online, you need to have a host. Your host will store all your site files for you on their internet servers. This step is unavoidable, each and every single website is hosted on a server somewhere. Hosting a website is an ongoing cost and is cheaper to go through a hosting provider. Hosting yourself will run you up to $4,000, where going through a provider will range anywhere from $3 a month to $30, depending on your individual needs.


Having the right support for your website is important. Website problems can develop or be uncovered months after it’s published.  If you are having any issues with your website, you want a team who can quickly troubleshoot or mend the site for you. Without support, you could be looking at some very challenging repairs you’re left to do on your own.


Maintaining and updating your website is non-negotiable. Without routine maintenance, your site may be susceptible to cyber hacking and other potentially problematic issues.

Tracking Your Leads

It is important to track your website visitors. You need to track your website activity for a few reasons. Rack where most of your website comes from, if most of your customers come to your website from an ad, you know that those ads are working. If most of your users come from organic searches, your organic SEO efforts are paying off as well. Next, you should track the common paths visitors take. By tracking common actions, you can see what is and what isn’t working on your website. Are customers consistently neglecting a certain space on your webpage? Maybe it isn’t visible enough or it requires a few modifications. There are a few types of software that tracks your visitor habits.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you understand your personal website traffic. By tracking your typical customer, you can effectively create advertisements for specific individuals based on age, gender, location, and past internet activity.

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics tells you who is visiting your site; Tag Manager tells you how people are getting to your site. These code variations collect small amounts of information and can be relayed to website owners in order to better understand and develop their website.

Finding a Web Developer

When it comes to finding a web developer, there are a few things to look for in a team. Without these, you could find yourself locked into an expensive and time-consuming project that doesn’t even get you the results you need.


A team who is kind and treats you with respect is essential. You should feel comfortable throughout the design process and beyond. Communication should be crystal clear at each leg of the project.


You need a team who is attentive to your personal wants and needs. You will be wasting your money if they cannot achieve your vision. A team should be receptive to modifications and requests as they benefit you.


Having a web developer who knows what they are doing is fundamental to exceptional website appearance and performance. Ask for references, look at reviews, and check out their past work.


The relationship between the organization and the web development team should be a business partnership. The team should believe in your business the same way you do. They should want great results for your business, not just be interested in the monetary assets you provide.

With all this information, you should be able to develop a website that is unique to your organization and tailored to your client base.

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