How to fit out a van for professional use

You can use your van to transport tools, machinery, and materials. You just need to make a few changes to the safety features in the van. You could add shelving, protective flooring and additional lighting to make your van suitable for commercial use. You can drive with confidence when your belongings are secured at every turn.

A well-equipped van is much easier to load and load. Think about the organisational system in the back of the vehicle and how you can adjust it to your work. Make sure the tools you use every day are easy to grab and in a convenient place.

If you want to turn your van into a mobile workshop, here are a few things you should consider.

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Think about the layout

You need to think about the tools in your van and how you can store them. You might want to organise your tools by their size or purpose. You also need to think about loading capacity and the weight of your tools. For example, it can be tempting to store your large power tools together so they are easy to find. But in a van, you might need to store them sporadically to distribute the weight more evenly.

You need enough space to carry materials, like planks of wood and sheets of metal. You could keep the middle of the van fairly free, so you can slide different materials in.

It’s difficult to maximise small interior space with large pieces of equipment. You could use a Milwaukee tool box to store and protect your tools from site to site.

Keep it safe

Safety needs to be prioritised in your vehicle. You need to install multiple anchor points, straps, and protective nets to keep your materials locked down when you are on the move. For example, you could have anchor points on the floor to strap materials down when driving. You need additional lighting on the ceiling, like LED strips so that you can see everything. Lighting will reduce your risk of falling over tools in the van and stumbling around looking for things.

You also need to think about security and how you will protect your van from thieves. Add a few extra locks to the doors and store your van in a well-lit area. You could park it outside your home and install CCTV for peace of mind.

You could add non-slip flooring to the inside to stop the equipment from moving around when you are driving. If you are in and out of the van, it’s likely to get muddy and slippery inside. A tread flooring will give you some extra grip and reduce your risk of falling.

Kit your van out with the ultimate organisation system so you can take your workshop anywhere.

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