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How to Find a Pocket Watch that Looks Awesome

Although all pocket watches are wonderful works of art, some types and brands are unquestionably more popular than others.  Antique Pocket Watches are highly collectible varieties of pocket watches, and we have a page dedicated to them.  While some collectors prefer to stay with a single brand, historical period, or design, others will invest in designs that are visually appealing or have physical worth (weight in silver or gold, for instance).

The Different Types of Pocket Watches

We’ll go over a few of the most popular types of pocket watches here.  Real Wrist Watches  Wrist watches are cheap and easy to find in retail stores. They look great, and, depending on the design, they can be made to work with a variety of accessories, including bracelets and band watches. However, this form of pocket watch is usually simple in design and not the type that you’ll use for precious timepieces.  Huntington Original Watches  In North America, the famous pocket watches made by pocket watch maker Thomas Tait were the first watches commonly used in hunting. Today, you can still get these pocket watches from Huntington, a well-known brand.  You can buy an example from the Fossil collection below for just $64.

Antique Pocket Watches

In this section, we’ll discuss vintage pocket watches and collectible pocket watches that you can buy in the market today.  There’s no shortage of beautiful vintage pocket watches out there, but the designs and quality vary widely from brand to brand.  Just keep in mind that some designs can be confusing or hard to read.  For instance, a circa-1904 Ludwig Blancard can be easy to read, but a circa-1904 Ulysse Nardin will be much harder.  Some people might prefer to stick with a specific brand and period, while others might prefer to build a collection of pocket watches from a variety of companies.  You may also choose to build a collection of modern, pre-war pieces, or some antique-inspired pieces.  This is just a selection of pocket watches.

Watch Brands

Like everything else, the choice of watch brand really depends on your personal preferences. The following list represents a wide range of choice, though you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t purchasing a counterfeit item.  Scandinavian Jewelers  Rolex  Esquire  Bulova  Patek Philippe  Custom Made  Anodized aluminum  Bronze or enamel  Vintage  Are Your Checklist Checked?  There is a lot more to buying a watch than checking the above boxes, of course. Before you can take that walk down the street to the watch shop, you’ll need to decide on a watch size and a dial color. Your budget will dictate the size and a few other aspects.  Next you’ll need to choose a watch face color. Blue is probably the most common, but there are many more.

Modern Pocket Watches

Nowadays, watches aren’t limited to vintage, antique, or top-end models; many brands are offering great products at great prices.  That said, we’ve seen some amazing modern offerings. Even if you don’t need a mechanical timepiece, some of these watches may suit your personal style and pocket watch collections.  One thing to be careful of, however: some modern watches can be more fragile than pocket watches. Some have easily damaged metal components that may result in an expensive repair if scratched or scuffed.  Keep this in mind, and don’t wear it if it’s scratched or otherwise damaged.  One classic pocket watch that you may like is the Royal Oak Co. Watches ($178). These features include a water resistant steel case and an analog watch movement.

Where to Buy a Pocket Watch

The first step to picking out the right pocket watch for you is to consider where you will buy it from.  Most watches in the United States are available at various online watch retailers.  If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, you may prefer to buy a pre-owned watch, which you can find all over the Internet at eBay, Facebook, and other places.  This is the opposite of a Rolex – a watch you don’t want to mark up, yet which is still a good investment if you don’t mind a few imperfections.  Rolex’s are highly collectible, so they are in higher demand, and you will find yourself buying the most sought after variations of the brand in the world – such as Patek Philippe.

What to Look For in a Watch

Quality is key here. A watch shouldn’t look like something that was painstakingly made by a young boy; it should be created with both intention and skill.  The watch has to look and feel good in your hands and against your skin. We’ve got a few great styles on the site that provide solid examples.  Here’s a hand-crafted timepiece from Hermann Gillette:  In a world of mass production, vintage styles from old masters are one of a kind.  When it comes to the design of a watch, simplicity is key. There’s nothing wrong with a lot of flash or gaudiness, but one that is too flashy or functional won’t do much to help you.  Other Design Tips for Your Watch  The materials of a watch can be as important to its beauty as the design of its face.

How Much Should You Spend on A Watch?

The answer to this depends largely on your personal taste and values.  Some people love watches because of their history and provenance. Others are attracted to the size, the design, or the materials used to make a watch. And some will settle on a watch that suits their personal style.  Keep in mind that timepieces are expensive investments that require special care and maintenance to stay functional, so it’s important to budget accordingly.  Your wallet will likely appreciate the value of a well-made vintage timepiece over one that is merely attractive.  Read our guide on the cost of watches.  8 Must-Have Vintage Pocket Watches  In this article, you’ll find vintage pocket watches that represent different design trends. The styles are all very distinct.


To summarize, pocket watches are simple mechanisms that require some skill, hard work, and, above all, a great sense of style to bring out the best in them.  Hopefully, the suggestions above have helped you in your search for the ideal pocket watch for your needs.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them in the comments.  Sources:  http://web.reuters.

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