How To Farm WOTLK Classic Gold? – Latest Guide

What are the best strategies in gold farming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic? This question is always been asked a lot since WOTLK Classic released. So in this guide I will do my best to give you guys a couple different strategies to farm WOTLK gold, to ensure that you get the decent profit.

The information in this guide will be completely based on my game experience. I tried a lot of different gold farm methods at the beginning, in order to compare which gold farming strategy can be the best one to players, and after that I also tested these methods in WOTLK to guarantee the efficiency. So let’s kick off it!

  1. Herbalism and Mining:

First of all, without no doubts Herbalism and Mining is the easiest way to farm gold in WOTLK. Although it is not the best method to farm gold, most of the hot farming places also with the a lot of competitions. Thus generally speaking, it still can be the best method in WOTLK Classic gold farming.

Materials from both Herbalism and Mining will be in absolutely big demand in WOTLK due to the Alchemy and Inscription. Alchemists can create Potions, Elixirs and Flasks, which are always needed. Meanwhile Scribes will be able to craft Glyphs, which bring improvements to specific spells or abilities. Because every player needs three Major and Minor Glyphs, plus the Darkmoon Card Greatness Crafts will require a large amount of Rare Pigments, you can find a good profit from these.

Materials from Mining will be in huge demand because Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering are identified as the best gold obtaining professions for all classes and specs in Wrath of the Lich King. You can also use Herbalism to get even more gold per hour from farming mobs, as certain mobs such as Lashers can actually be gathered with Herbalism for even more loot.

Some of these gold farms can produce the actual best gold per hour in the game because the demand from Eternal Lives is literally insane, but they will also be very contested.

  1. WOTLK Gold Sellers:

Secondly, actually buying gold from the gold sellers is the most quick way for tons of gold. The point is which seller is the best? From my experience, IGGM is on the top of my list, with cheap price and fast delivery. It means you can buy WoW Classic WOTLK gold without any extra time and energy.

The most important reason why I choose IGGM is because of their 24/7 online service. No matter what happens during the trading, you can always get the respond and assistance at any time. Due to their wonderful UI design, there is no pop-ups and ads in the websites. And the security could also be guaranteed during the trading, because you do not have to offer any additional personal information beyond the purchase need.

  1. Gas Clouds:

Let’s back to the in-game content, the third way of farming gold that I want to mention, which is actually a method that has worked very well for me, as a lot of WOTLK Gold farming beginners don’t even know it exists, which is farming the Gas Clouds with Engineering.

Engineers can actually gather Eternals from Clouds by using the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, and the recipe for this is awarded to you from a quest in Zangarmarsh in TBC before, which is why a lot of new players don’t know about it.

You can use this Gas Clouds method with either Herbalism or Mining method, which can make your gold farming process more effective and smoother.

  1. Pick Pocket Gold Farm:

Last one is about Rogue Pick pocket Farming, it could give you tons of WOTLK gold per hour, but it all depends on how lucky you are. However, this is still actually a very good way to farm gold with decent profits.

Actually it requires no professions as well, since you’re not killing anything and it doesn’t have any gears requirements neither. But it is locked to only one class Rogues, so that makes this type of gold farming method become hard to find. However I am expecting this, because it could be nerfed or be way over-farmed in the future.

There are several locations in Northrend where you can make WOTLK gold from pick pocketing currently. While pick pocketing you will obtain Potions, items and decent amounts of WOTLK gold which depending on your location.




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