How to Earn More in Solana NFT Game – Play to Earn Games

Solajump, the world’s first play-to-earn simple game predicated on the Solana blockchain, is excited to restore previous short games. According to Crypto Briefing, Kokeshi Academy Nerd 148 Studios established this play-to-win platform. They utilize non fungible tokens (NFTs) to make a better world of video gaming.

Play to Earn games on Solana:

Short games are fun to play, easy to learn, and easy to get into. Pong, Tetris, Arkanoid, Pac-Man, and other classic titles had to work around the limitations of technology in the past.

Players’ computing capacity, on the other hand, is no longer a constraint. They provide for a much more rich and engaging experience.

Without question, last year was the year of NFTs. Even though Ethereum-based NFTs commanded the market, the network’s numerous flaws led to the creation of a powerful competitor: Solana NFTs. However, lower gas prices, efficient use of energy, and extensibility are just a few of the benefits that have attracted more artists and consumers to Sol Art.

How to Play and Earn More Games on Solana: 

Solana is currently one of the extremely fast blockchain communities. The protocol is growing in all aspects, with influential NFT collections, Defi systems, and, of course, gaming applications.

While blockchain gaming is still in its infancy, Solana has already risen to the top of the crypto game ranks. Because of its meager transaction fees and unparalleled processing speed, the protocol is already attracting more developers than ever before.


StarAtlas is a massively multiplayer online strategy play to earn games in the year 2620. It describes a colonial and separated planet in which three factions strive for dominion. Therefore, people can make some in currencies ATLAS and POLIS by collecting goods from all across the cosmos. Users can use this money to acquire new ships for missions, satellites for a landing base, and also more.

Project SEED:

Project SEED is a play to earn game based on the blockchain system that focuses on cellular telephones rather than PCs. Its goal, like that of other games, is to increase the popularity of blockchain gaming and bring it into the popular. However, it has a fantastic storyline and great art that was made with the player’s delight in mind.


On Solana’s blockchain, SolChicks is selecting the new fantasy NFT gaming experience. The beautiful SolChick NFT trinkets, which act as identities for players to the unique and exciting metaverse, are central to the game.

We like SolChicks because it is a complete 3D real-time action RPG where players may participate in PvP fights and PvE raids while earning rewards and growing their characters. The game also revolves around the lovely SolChick NFT collectibles. Therefore, with players using their SolChicks as characters in a unique and exciting metaverse.

Final Verdict:

Solana games are fast gaining traction in the blockchain gaming industry. Therefore, it progressively becomes one of the most critical sectors in the crypto world. Solana will host a variety of play to earn games apps in the future. On the other hand, as the play-to-earn trend gains ground across all blockchains.

Solana delivers unequaled transaction management speeds. However, it is still in its infancy in these types of sports. Therefore, this is a requirement for the creation of transaction-heavy games that can easily include Defi components.

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