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How to do facial massage at home?

Facial massages are a natural way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improve your complexion. They can also help you maintain healthy skin by stimulating circulation and draining fluid from pores. The benefits don’t stop there either – facial massage aids in collagen production, reducing inflammation, combatting acne breakouts, and much more!.

Need to do a facial massage at home? Well, facial massage is a practice that has been used for centuries. It can be done at home or in the office and is very simple to do.

Here are several ways of executing facial massage at home:

1. Releasing Tension  

Roll your head around on your neck to release tension in the muscles of the face, which are connected to the neck. This movement can also help you stretch out tight muscles that are caused by stress and fatigue. Hold each rotation for about thirty seconds before releasing.

2. Cleansing Pores

Rubbing your facial skin with circles helps to balance out circulation and drain fluid from pores. Use the tip of your fingers to apply light pressure as you move along areas like your nose, zygomatic bones (the cheekbones), chin, and forehead. Concentrate on areas prone to acne breakouts or congestion issues if you have them!

3. Stimulating Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is responsible for draining away waste products in the body, including toxins in your face. By moving your facial muscles around in different directions with light pressure, you are stimulating these drainage areas and encouraging fluid to leave the area.

4.  Rejuvenating the Organs

Facial massage helps stimulate blood circulation by breaking up blockages that prevent oxygenated blood from getting into certain parts of the face. This also stimulates nerve function which is important for muscle memory – so when you move the muscles on one side of your face repeatedly, you can train them to do this on their own more easily. All of this aids in keeping your bones and organs healthy.

5.  Relieving Sinus Pressure

Rub your sinuses with circular motions to stimulate drainage in your sinuses. This is very effective when you are suffering from a runny nose, stuffiness, or any other type of head cold.

6.  Massaging the Eyes

Gently massage the skin around your eyes by rolling small circles over it slowly and lightly with your fingertips. You can also gently massage from below the eye socket to the temples where there are pressure points that help release tension.  

7.  Firming Neck Skin

Keep neck skin as firm as possible as you age! By using gentle upward pressure as you move your fingers up along either side of your neck, you can increase blood flow and keep your neck looking young longer.

8.  Firming Cheeks

Lightly moving your fingers in small circles along the cheekbone can help to lift and tighten this area, as well as keep it firm. This is an often-ignored part of the face that needs extra love.

There are many ways you can do facial massage at home. Experiment with different types of massages to see which work best for you – you will notice a difference in your skin within just a few days. And if you want to guarantee your facial massage is done right, Laduora can help; We work professionally to ensure your skin is well-toned. Contact us today to learn more!

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