How To Convert Mp4 Files Using An Mp4 To Mp3 Converter

Have you ever watched a video and wished you could have it in audio format? Or maybe you watched a seminar on YouTube and want to have it as an mp3 so you can listen to it again while you go about your daily activities. If you’ve ever found yourself in any of these situations then you’ll be happy to know that you can do all of this and more with the help of an mp4 to mp3 converter.

In this article we’ll take a look at how to quickly and easily convert your mp4 files and YouTube videos to mp3 online.

Why Convert Mp4 To Mp3 Format

Getting your favourite video in mp3 format could be a hassle sometimes. In this day and age, there will always be a need to convert mp4 to mp3. After all, it is a lot more convenient to listen to an audio file rather than having to sit through the video every time.

It could be a video you found on YouTube or a skit with an amazing soundtrack. Regardles there are distinct advantages to being able to play it in your earphones or home and car stereos without having to sit down and watch them. Some other reasons why you may want to convert your mp4 files into mp3 include:

l   Universality of the mp3 format. Almost every device or gadget now is equipped to be able to play mp3 files. This serves a very vital purpose as it saves us the hassle of downloading special softwares just to listen to our favourite audio file.

l   Mp3 files take up less storage space. As compared to MP4 files, MP3 files take up less space after being converted. This gives you more room to convert more MP4 files into mp3 formats having enough space could even make us keep the source file (converted MP4 file) while still occupying less space

l   Less attention. Playing an mp3 file requires less attention as compared to playing an MP4 file (a video file). After converting to an mp3 format, you can listen to your favourite, music video, television shows without necessarily having to watch them. This makes it easier to concentrate on doing other things instead of having to sit and watch the video.

l   Better audio quality. Although it may not look like it. The audio quality of a bad MP4 file may not be appreciated mainly because the video quality is poor. Converting mp4 to mp3 helps you appreciate the audio quality without having to also see a bad video file.

How To Convert From Mp4 To Mp3

So the question remains, how exactly does one convert mp4 to mp3?  You can do this with an Mp4 to mp3 converter online. And no, you don’t have to download any apps or have any technical knowledge whatsoever. You can do all of it online for free in a few clicks.

There are lots of different online tools one can use to convert video to audio. Although they all possess similar features, their capabilities may differ.

Two really good ones are and These sites however, only convert YouTube videos into mp3 format.

Follow these steps to convert from Youtube to mp3 using

  1. Click on the YouTube video that you wish to convert.
  2. Copy the link of that video from the YouTube address bar.
  3. Open the Ontiva site and paste the URL on the bar.
  4. Click “Start now.”
  5. The video you want to convert will appear on the left side of the screen. And on the right side, there will be 5 outputs you need to choose from: MP3, audio, video, YouTube to GIF maker, and thumbnail downloader. Select the converting type and format you prefer.
  6. Before choosing the file size, you can cut your video’s duration by adjusting the time below the video.
  7. Click “Convert” to begin the conversion process. The larger the file, the longer it takes to download.
  8. Now, click the red “Download” button and set the destination folder on your computer. Wait until the file is in your assigned folder.

To convert from mp4 to mp3 on

  1. Exposed the Music Downloader website
  2. Paste the YouTube URL into the box providing or you just search the song name on it.
  3. Choice MP3 as the output format.
  4. Hit “Download” and download the mp3 songs file when it’s finished.

Evano is an online tool that lets you convert your video files to audio quickly and easily. Although it doesn’t convert YouTube videos, it more than makes up for this with the sheer number of audio and video formats you can convert to.

In a few clicks you can have your mp4 files converted to mp3 using Evano. Here’s how

  1. You choose the file you want to convert. You can do this by clicking on the blue button labelled “Choose File.” This will open your file directory which you can then navigate to the desired mp4 file.
  2. Select the format you want to convert your mp4 file to.

Here, you are not just limited to converting mp4 files into mp3 formats, even though mp3 is the most common choice.  You can also choose to convert your mp4 files into other formats like 3GP, AVI, MPEG and other preferred formats.

  1. Just click “convert” and within a few seconds, depending on how large the file to be converted is, your mp3 file should be ready.

In Conclusion

Now you know how to change your mp4 files and YouTube videos to mp3 so you can listen to them on the go. With the websites mentioned above you can do so quite conveniently and quickly on your laptop or mobile device. You can also convert to several other audio and video formats, create a GIF or even just download the thumbnail.

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