How to cleanse crystals with incense:

Crystals are considered important in terms of getting high energy, positivity, and relaxed body texture. It is said that they spread positivity out in the world and drain the human negativity from which he is suffering. Therefore, crystals are considered to become dirty and needed to be cleansed. If not, the water crystal cleanses crystals with incense or some other mediums.


Ways to cleanse crystals:

There are many famous and frequently utilized ways to cleanse the crystal and said to work as cleansing agents for the crystal

  • The most common one is the use of water to deeply and apparently cleanse the stone.
  • People also utilize to use rain as the cleansing agent to cleanse the crystal.
  • Candle can be utilized to cleanse the crystals if it’s handy for the person.
  • The soil is stated to absorb all negative and unwanted energy out of the stone and cleanse it. To do so the crystals are buried in soil for roundabout twenty-four hours.
  • Crystals are considered to be recharged in the full moon, so by placing them outside or in the moonlight it is said that it can detox the crystal and cleanse them.
  • Selenite towers are considered as cleaning stone agents to cleanse the crystals.

In addition to that, some consider other more powerful cleansing agents to cleanse their crystals in some cultures for instance: incense aroma. The incense aroma not only heals the crystal but its energy spread all around and positively affects surrounding energies.

How to cleanse crystals with incense:

The aroma of incense is considered the most effective way to decontaminate stones. Different incense fragrances are considering to have different meanings in terms of cleansing. Florescent aromas like Lavender, Mugwort, and White sage are considered to eliminate the stress factor and cleanse the stone.

Palo Santo’s incense aroma is considered to sponge all negativity of the crystal and make it recharge as new. While White Sage is also considered as the positive energy spread in surroundings. Enchanting fragrances are considered as the best to detox the evil or negativity and leaves the person energetic and relaxed.

The imbalanced crystal vibrations are all canceled out by cleansing the crystal with the incense aroma and thus leaving the crystal the same as new with all its rejuvenation and positive vibes.

The right way of cleansing the crystal with the incense aroma makes it just the perfect energy spread and cleansing agent and higher up your game with stones.

To make sure of this, plastic, wood, chemical, and foul smells are precautions to be kept away from crystal cleansing places, as foul smell affects the purity of the cleansing procedure.

The crux of the topic:

When we are talking about taking care of the crystals and not just by cleansing crystals with incense but with other mediums also. We depict our concerns about spreading positivity and leaving the inharmonious features of the personality to leave silently.

Doing so makes the interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions more positive, enlightening, and energetic.

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