How To Clean Your WIndshield Like a Pro

Windshields have a tendency to attract dirt, streaks, and the remains of unfortunate insects, so of course you need to clean yours from time to time. If you don’t do it correctly, though, the glass may end up looking worse than it did to begin with. How can you clean your windshield like a professional so that it’s shiny, streak-free, and crystal clear? To begin with, use a windshield cleaning tool. These tools are specially designed to clear debris from your windshield and make it easier to effectively apply a cleaning liquid. Along with the right tool, follow these cleaning tips to make your glass sparkle.

Use Material Designed for a Windshield

Choose the right windshield cleaning solution. There are many solutions on the market, but not all of them are formulated — and safe — for windshields. Be sure that you find one that’s made for the task at hand. A product like SC1 spray, for example, is uniquely formulated to provide a high gloss coat to surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, carbon fiber, or rubber. It isn’t necessarily an ideal match for a windshield, though. Putting it on your windshield could actually damage the glass.

Instead, you should look for a cleaner that’s formulated for use with windshields. A detailing spray is great for this purpose, and it can provide the level of clarity you want to see on your windshield. These solutions often feature special lubricants that ensure there are no scratches left behind. It’s a good idea to invest in high-quality windshield washer fluid, too, to ensure that your car’s wipers can sweep away any egregious contaminants in between cleanings. Some of these fluids are formulated to remove bugs and other tough residue.

Avoid Streaks

When you’re cleaning your windshield, it can be difficult not to leave behind streaks once you’re done. Streaks are caused by many different factors, and they can even occur if the windshield cleaning tool that you use isn’t sufficiently clean. Most commonly, though, they are simply the result of evaporation. When the cleaning solution evaporates due to your windshield warming up, it will often leave behind streaks of residue.

Streaks are not only aesthetically unpleasant, but they can pose a safety risk, too. Anything that obstructs the view through your windshield can be unsafe, and if a major streak is left unaddressed, it can cause a big problem while on the road. In many cases, you can combat this problem by simply cleaning more thoroughly and removing the streaks on the glass as you clean. Use your cleaning tool in a horizontal motion, dragging it across the windshield in overlapping rows to eliminate streaks as you go. This also helps ensure the entire surface of your windshield is cleaned thoroughly.

A clean windshield replacement at not only looks great but makes your vehicle safer to drive. Follow these steps and get the supplies you need to ensure your windshield is crystal clear no matter what season it is or how many miles you may have recently driven.

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