How To Clean A Dog Water Bottle

A dog’s water bottle can become dirty, and the tubes can be blocked by minerals. It can develop odors that may discourage your dog from drinking using the bottle. This makes it necessary for them to be hand-washed with clean soapy water. You can use a bottle brush, which ensures that any dirt will be fully removed.

But you have to ensure that your dog’s water bottle is cleaned regularly. A day or two should not pass by before you clean the bottle because this could lead to the formation of a foul smell which could make the dog stop drinking water using the bottle.

The best thing about dogs’ water bottles is that they are reusable, and this makes them great for the environment. Since you want your dog to remain hydrated all the time, it’s of great importance that you clean the bottle regularly. This is the bottle that you will be using to carry water when going out on an exercise when going to the dog bark, and also when going to the beaches. So why not keep it in the best condition possible so that your dog may continue enjoying drinking water with it?

What you will need to clean your dog’s water bottle

  1. Bottlebrush
  2. Dishwashing liquid
  3. Straw cleaners
  4. Vinegar (optional)
  5. Bleach (optional)
  6. Clean dish towel or paper towel
  7. Cleaning tablets for water bottles

Steps to be followed

  1. for everyday cleaning: wash the dog water bottle every day by filling it with warm water and some dishwashing liquid. Scrub the bottom and the walls of the bottle using the brush. Other than the inside, you should also ensure that you clean the bottle’s lips. Ensure that you rinse it thoroughly.
  2. Remember that a moist environment is a bacteria’s habitat ad it’s a great idea that you wipe the bottle dry by using the paper towel or the clean dish towel that you have. If you have enough time, you can remove the cap and let the bottle dry the natural way. While doing this, ensure that no moisture is trapped on the inside.
  3. If the bottle is classified as dishwasher safe, you can put it on the top ail of your dishwasher and select the highest temperature setting.
  4. If you want thorough cleaning when there is a funky smell, or if you have not cleaned it for several days, you add some bleach to the bottle, then fill it with cool water. Let the solution remain overnight and rinse thoroughly the following morning. Ensure that you dry it well.
  5. Ensure you don’t forget the bottle’s cap. If the cap has several parts, you should separate it before cleaning.
  6. Clean the reusable straws. If you have a few of them, then you will need to buy straw cleaners. Use the cleaners to scrub away any gunk which may have settled inside each of the straws.


The above procedures should help you clean your dog’s water bottle hassle-free. The ingredients that you will need are easily available, and the procedure is easy to follow. Know that just like a human being, your dog needs clean utensils to use for use every day

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