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How to Choose the Best Wedge Cushion for 2022

2021 was the year of wellness. And 2022 is looking to be the year of comfort.

With so much stress and angst that we have all had to endure the last two years, you owe it to yourself to make this next year the most comfortable one yet. From the products you use to the splurges you give yourself, there are plenty of options when it comes to giving yourself maximum comfort.

So where to start? Well, we recommend starting the year off with the best wedge cushion on the market. Wedge cushions have taken the world by storm and are proving to provide comfort to people who suffer from sleep disorders, back pain, sinus infections, heartburn and so much more.

We all know that it is important to invest in a good bed for the benefit of our bodies. That means having a firm but supportive mattress, quality pillows and soothing bed sheets. And now, we are throwing a wedge cushion into the mix. People are discovering just how

But not all wedge cushions are created equal. So it is important to have a checklist of qualities to look out for and how to know what one is best for you.

Here is everything you should know about choosing the best wedge cushion going into the new year.

1. It is all about the angles

Similar to any other type of pillows, the angles really do matter. With wedge pillows, the smaller angles are designed to support backs where the larger angles are best to support knees or those who have sleep apnea. When shopping around for the best wedge cushion for you, talk to your doctor as well about the type of angle they recommend for you.

2. Removable covers are key

You will want to ensure that your wedge cushion remains as hygienic as possible. That is why you will want to get a wedge cushion that comes with a removable cover. That way you will be able to clean it with the rest of your bedding at least once a week. The best cushions have invested heavily into the fabric of these covers, even providing a cooling sensation when in contact with the body.

3. Memory foam only

While the fabric used for the cover of the wedge cushion is important, so is the actual material used to make the cushion itself. And there is only one type of material you will want your wedge cushion to be made of, and that is memory foam. Providing both extreme comfort and support, your body will be getting the best of both with memory foam.

4. Multi-functionality matters

The best wedge cushions aren’t just designed for one purpose. Instead, you should be able to use your cushion for a range of things. During the day, you can use it as a back prop while reading or working. And for the evenings, you should be able to comfortable prop it between your knees for the ultimate support when lying down. The best wedge cushions can be used all day and night so you get your full money’s worth.

5. Stay cool with the gel

Another great component to quality wedge cushions are whether or not the material has gel mixed within. The gel provides a cooling layer to the cushion, which is important to those who produce extra body heat. You are likely to get uncomfortable faster if you start getting sweaty, which means you will not use the cushion for as long. But with a gel coolant, you will be able to get maximum use of your wedge cushion and your bdoy will definitely thank you for that.

6. Stay supported and get relief

One of the main reasons to seek out a wedge cushion is to get relief. The best wedge cushions are designed to really maximize that sensation of relief. For some, it may be getting relief in your shoulders, especially if you sleep on your side. For others, it may be getting relief in your lower back or knees. Regardless of where you want to seek relief, you should feel supported at all times from your wedge cushion.

These six criteria for the best wedge cushion will help you find the perfect one for you. Just like any other pillow though, it is not a one-fits-all solution. Instead, the best cushion for you will be based on your individual needs and comfort goals. And when in doubt, chat to an expert or your doctor about what they recommend.

But whatever one you do choose, the wedge cushion is here to provide you with the ultimate comfort of 2022.

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