How to build a Lego house

Assembling the Lego bricks in different shapes is a craft that is enjoyed by both children and adults. The Lego brick playing leads towards various creative artefacts; one of which is the Lego house. To create a house using Lego bricks is a bit tricky yet it’s also fascinating.

Step 1: Lego House base

In order to create a base, you need to take a green Lego table or sheet.  The sheet can be parted into two as per your likings of parted platforms.

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Step 2: Main build of House

  • Create a draft of your house by patterning bricks on the foundation. The bricks patterns should follow the house pattern like rooms, kitchen number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Proceeded by the build of houses like windows, doors and walls.
  • Here are few tips to create a perfect Lego house.
  • Craft the house as per the space of your foundation.
  • Consider the structure of the real house and counterfeit it with your house. Maintain the places and spaces as per it is the real house.
  • In order to build a second story, the stairs case space should be considered. It is better to build a stairs case prior to the build so that the exact space is known.

Step 3: Exterior walls

Exterior walls should be established row by row.

  • Note: to make your house more strapping you need to balance your rows in a way that joints of bricks are not lined up. Do not top the same Lego bricks.
  • Do not forget to insert the windows if available in your package. However, if the special windows are not available just leave the space because it will be a nuisance to redo everything in the end.

Step 4: Interior walls

Now synchronize interior walls of every room, kitchen, lounge and bathroom if you have a big house. You need to especially take care of the space you want to give to every corner of the house.

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Step 5: Add on house Accessories

By accessories, I mean the interior furniture and every reasonable household item which is used in any house or of your liking. Like you can add the television and L-shaped sofa for your lounge and even decorate it will side tables, mirrors, countersink etc. You can place a bed in your room with bedrooms. If you get the special furniture parts for your house, then it will look even better.

Step 6: Decorative items

When you are finished with your basics you can add decorative items. To give the more unique look you can add payment or porch, trees, lights, fans, fences etc. You can use your visionary craft like what you want in your house. You can build an amazing and unique house.

Step 7: Roof

After you are done with all your touches and interior setting of your house, you can move to close your house via roof. You can build the roof of your liking. Roof placement should be the last part of your house, as it will make it difficult to move the interiors of the house. This issue can be resolved by building a replaceable roof. To do that you need to attach the roof on tops rather than on locks. And this is how I would make my Lego house.


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