How to bet on cricket – Tips & Tricks for Winning

Cricket is a very popular sport in the UK, India, Pakistan, Australia. Cricket is not only one of the most important sports in terms of attendance and interest, but also one of the top betting on it in the betting shops. We will tell you the rules of the game, the betting markets, give you tips on how to bet and suggest possible strategies.

Best cricket betting sites

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  2. Bet365 India – Read full review
  3. Betway
  4. indibet
  5. Dafabet
  6. 4rabet
  7. 22bet

About the rules of cricket

Cricket is a non-contact team sport using bat and ball. Cricket was played in England as far back as 500 years ago with the first team match (England-Australia) being played back in 1861. The International Cricket Council was founded in 1909 and now unites national federations of 106 countries.

There are several types of the game with their own rules. The basic form is two teams, each consisting of 11 players, take turns hitting the ball with bats to try to score points while preventing their opponents from doing so. Cricket is a bit like baseball, except there is no time limit (in ODI format, the match goes on all day long).

Types of cricket betting

The bookmakers offer the following basic types of cricket betting:

– Winner of the toss. It is offered to determine which team will bat first and which team will bat first. Of course, this bet is only calculated on the luck of the bettor;

– The winner of the match (1X2);

– The best player of the match (several options are offered);

– The best bunch of players (a group of 2 or 3 players who bring the most points to their team);

– Best bowler (pitcher) and batsman (batter) in the match;

– Total points (runs);

– Total wickets;

– Individual Score Totals;

– Betting odds;

– Correct score by wounds;

– Long term bets.

What are the top teams to bet on?

Before you start betting, it makes sense to find out what you’re betting on. There are several types of cricket competitions.

First Tier Games. These have a limited meeting time and 4 innings. On average these games last up to 5 days with a 6 hour playing session each day.

Games with a certain number of 2 innings. Such games are usually played in 1 day, but stretch over 6 hours.

Cricket has its own hierarchy of prestige – for example Test cricket. Such championships are played between members of the International Cricket Council of which there are 8 nations. The championships are quite exotic – County Championships in England, Ranji Trophy (India), Sheffield Shield (Australia) and the like.

Our cricket betting tips

Cricket is an unseasonal sport, which means you can bet on it all year long without any interruption. However, if you are interested in the sport, there are a few things you need to be aware of, which we will introduce to you below.

Number one – the formats. The sport is played in different formats which affect how long the game lasts, the order in which it is played and a host of other variables. The teams’ performance differs according to format – some are better at level 1, while others manage to excel in games with limited overs.

There is a consistent pattern – Indian players, due to lack of funds and also due to the difference in climate, don’t play the best away games. The players from Australia, on the other hand, are performing excellently on all fields.

Weather conditions. Can have a massive impact on performance. Matches last several hours and a clear day can easily be followed by heavy rain. In unfavourable weather conditions players will not perform at their best, which is an important consideration when making forecasts.

Like other sports, cricket has key players on the field – here known as batsmen and bowlers. Each team has its own batsmen and its own stars. Thus, one professional batsman can turn the game around. To predict the outcome of the encounter, one needs to study the list of prospective players, highlighting the favourites.  Incidentally, some stars, surprisingly, are mood people, performing superbly when the “stars align”.

Prediction technique

When making predictions, special attention needs to be paid to the following nuances:

1. Whether the team plays away or at home.

2. Weather conditions (be sure to check the forecast for your region).

3. Form of players, preparation, injuries and disqualifications.

4. Previous merits, performance of the players.

5. Rules of the meetings, their format.

6. Quality of preparation of the field of play.

7. Refereeing staff.

Choose the best cricket betting site and place your bets!

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