How To Bet Effectively on Conference Tournaments

Some conference tournaments have been wrapped up already and some of those teams have already clinched automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament. There are ways to bet effectively on these conference tournaments that have already tipped off.

Even though there may be some game slot online for betters to play on in the casino, they may be better off focusing on what is going on in the Conference Tournaments in college basketball as of right now. How should betters bet effectively in these tournaments?

Watch for the smaller and bigger odds in smaller conferences

The numbers for the odds will vary from conference to conference in these tournaments. Let’s use the Big Sky Conference as an example. The favorite in this tournament is Montana State at +175. Because there are no minus odds here, it means that placing a $100 bet on Montana State would win a decent amount of money. 

It is also important to research why they are the favorites for this conference tournament. They finished with a 24-7 overall record and a 16-4 conference record. Montana State finished with the best record in the conference throughout the regular season.

Some Vegas odds will have the second-best team in the conference as the favorite to win the conference tournament and that is normal for the most part. It is okay if you don’t want to bet the favorite all the team in these conference tournaments. So, what about another team from that same conference?

Southern Utah has the second-best odds to win this conference at +325. Placing a $100 bet in this situation would be a little bit bigger of a payout if they were to win the Big Sky Conference Tournament. They finished with a 20-10 overall record and a 14-6 conference record.

That is worth the risk placed on betting. Sacramento State at +8000 odds would be an awful bet and a waste of money. They have the eighth-best odds to win the Big Sky Tournament. They finished with a 10-17 overall record and a 6-14 conference record. Teams with those low of odds usually never win the conference tournament.

ACC Odds and Bigger Conferences

When we get to the Power 5 Conferences, more often than not, there will be at least two conferences that will have one team with minus odds to win their respective conference tournament. Duke has a -150 odds to win the ACC Tournament. They are the number one seed in the ACC and finished with a 26-5 overall record and a 16-4 record in the conference.

Betting a $100 bet on them to win the conference tournament wouldn’t be much of a payout at all. Take a chance on a basketball team that has higher odds but with a plus sign. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have the third-best odds to win at +800. They finished with a 22-9 overall record and a 15-5 conference record, which is the same as the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Notre Dame has been the second-best team in the ACC conference throughout the season. Placing a $100 bet on them would be worth a nice payout. 

The Wake Forest Deamon Deacons at +1000 would be a great payout and they have won a bunch of games this year. Wake Forest finished with a 23-8 record throughout the regular season and went 13-7 in ACC Conference play. 

The North Carolina Tar Heels have the second-best odds to win the ACC Tournament at +500. North Carolina finished with a 23-8 overall record and a 15-5 conference record. The Tar Heels recently beat the Duke Blue Devils. North Carolina would be a very solid bet to win the ACC Tournament and it would be a very effective one also. 

One last piece of betting advice, don’t bet Boston College at +20000 because the Eagles finished with a 12-19 overall; record and a 6-14 ACC record throughout the regular season. When those odds are so high, it is never a good idea because they are always a long shot and a waste of $100. 

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