How to Apply for Divorce in Toledo

Different counties in Toledo have slightly different divorce laws depending on the circuit. The basic process is similar to applying for divorce in Toledo, but the requirements for each circuit may be slightly different. When applying for divorce, it is important to contact an experienced family law lawyer in Toledo. This lawyer understands local law and is familiar with the court system.

Here is a brief review of some of the most important steps you should take to apply for divorce in Toledo:

Prepare your Form- The first step in applying for divorce is to fill up the proper divorce form. In Toledo, divorce is called “marriage annulment” in the right circuit. The divorce must be filed in the region where you are living. Also, the person applying for divorce must be a resident of the county for at least the last 6 months.

Prepare the Form- Next, you need to prepare the form to file for divorce in Toledo. After completing the form, you must submit it to the clerk’s office of the circuit court of the county you are applying for a divorce. In court, you must be notarized before you can present your petition. A filing fee and a signed copy of the notarized petition must be given to the clerk of the court. A copy with a date stamp shall be returned as proof that the petition has been submitted. You will also need to obtain an additional copy of your spouse’s petition.

Form Server- After submitting a petition, you have to give a copy of the submitted petition to your spouse. This is called the “surrender” of the petition. Petitions can be provided to your spouse in a variety of ways.

The spouse or his or her lawyer may simply agree to it. In such cases, the spouse fills out a form called “Service Reply and Abandonment” at the county clerk’s office. Like the previous form, this form must be signed and notarized.

Submission of Financial Affidavit- Once the divorce petition is submitted, you must submit a completed and signed economic affidavit to your spouse within 45 days of submission. Income, assets, debts, and tax returns must be disclosed in the affidavit. Other information such as bank statements, credit card statements, personal financial details, etc. will also have to be submitted in the affidavit.

The divorce process can be complicated depending on the number of years of marriage. Debt and property division and child custody can also be complicated.

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