How Promotional Products Achieve Customer Retention and Brand Recognition

Every business owner today has realized the importance of investing in promotional products. These products are affordable, highly versatile, and fit into any marketing plan. Promotional products are very effective compared to traditional marketing strategies. Promotional items are powerful marketing and sales tools for any business.

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Here’s why to use promotional items to retain customers and boost brand recognition.


Investing in promotional items doesn’t cost a fortune. The average cost of a promotional item is about one dollar. Keep in mind that the price varies according to your order quantity. So, you can spend as much as you wish on various items to match your needs. Even the cost of high-end promotional items goes down when buying in bulk. So, you won’t spend a lot when planning to give away thousands of items during a big promotion.

Real staying power

Promotional items will live with the consumer for many years. Whether you give away fridge magnets, water bottles, or keychains, the consumer will use them for many years. During this period, the person will keep on interacting with your brand while using the item. The effectiveness of promotional items comes in the ability of the recipient to keep them.

Fortunately, more than 85 percent of people keep promotional items after receiving them. Others pass them on to others who have a purpose for them, extending your brand reach in the process. You can buy promotional products online being sure that people will keep them. At least 74 percent of recipients will keep them in their office and 55 percent in their bedroom.

Wider brand cover

People who receive your promotional items become your brand ambassadors to extend your brand reach. Wearable promotional products like t-shirts generate more impressions whenever someone uses them and travels to other places. In fact, t-shirts have a likelihood of generating about 3,400 impressions. By the way, if you are interested in representing your brand like this, you can do a quick research and know  how to become brand ambassador.

Builds customer loyalty

Retaining customers comes from their loyalty. Happy customers become loyal and will always come to your store. Giving out promotional items makes them realize your appreciation for their loyalty. So, they are likely to become more loyal. In fact, the customers will not hesitate to recommend your brand to their friends and family.

Giving back to loyal customers in the form of promotional items encourages them to keep doing business with you. The customers will have a genuine reason to choose your brand over competitors. Creative promotional items that customers find useful are a great idea to enhance customer retention.

Bonding with customers

Giving out promotional items matching customers’ needs creates a wonderful relationship. There are various promotional items out there, but you have to choose what your customers will love. A good idea is to consider your industry since what works for one might not work for another.

In the education sector, pens, t-shirts, journals, notebooks, and water bottles are a good idea. However, hand sanitizers, bags, magnets, tape measures, and to-go tumblers work better in the construction industry. Whenever the person uses the item, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness by sticking to your brand.

Unique appeal

The ability to recognize your brand is where consumers identify your brand according to your official colors or logo. Customized products with your logo and message make your brand stand out in the market. Giving out branded items offers people an effective way to keep your brand in their minds.

During a trade show or exhibition, giving away promotional items that customers will use for years to come makes a significant impact. Apart from using the item where necessary, the person will always have your brand in their mind. No wonder it will always be easy for them to tell your brand from just your logo, even in a sea of others.

Appealing to customers

The intention of giving out promotional items is to generate a positive impression for your brand. Given that people enjoy receiving gifts and freebies, your brand will become very attractive.

During an exhibition or promotional campaign, people will respond vigorously with the hope of winning some freebies or gifts.

Promotional items are very effective if you’re launching a new product or service or want to pass on a message. Your campaign is likely to become massive since customers are always looking out for your next offer. Making good use of metrics from such campaigns allows planning future promotions and campaigns. It is also helpful in product research and development.

Wrapping up

In a very competitive marketplace, business owners have to look for ideas to make their brands stand out. The use of branded corporate gifts is a great idea. Apart from generating brand loyalty, these items are an affordable marketing tool and highly effective at customer retention.

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