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How much does a 30-second animated explainer video cost?

A promotional video is a product that the team is working on, so the price and the final budget depend on the tasks and scope of work.  The cost of a video can be influenced by both the timing and the complexity of the animation.  The more difficult the task, the more likely the price of the ad is.

There are many aspects of Explainer video that affect the price.  Someone is quite suitable for the basic package, while someone wants a special and incredible animated explainer video.  There is always a choice in creating promotional videos.

Here are the main points in the production of commercials, on which the price depends:

  1. Equipment.  One and the same task can be filmed both on a smartphone and on a movie camera with all the attendant costs.  Usually cinema equipment is accompanied by additional technicians and specialists.
  2. Number of shooting days.  The more, the more expensive, but on long projects you can count on a slightly lower cost.
  3. The complexity of the video.  Shooting underwater, for example, is harder and more expensive than a change on land.  In addition, visual effects, large extras, and so on can be attributed to complexity.
  4. The level of professionals in the team.  For professionals, every second counts, so time will be spent with maximum benefit.  Taking an inexperienced crew – there is a possibility of getting a simple film crew, which means additional costs.

Where in the commercial is it impossible to save on the price?

If you have a limited budget, then it is important for you to invest money as efficiently as possible.  Let’s take a look at the factors that should not be used to save your advertising video budget:

* Script, creativity, strategy.  You need to contact the pros who follow the trends and understand their business.

* Film crew and equipment.  Miracles do not happen, so hiring an inexperienced team, you run the risk of filming a low-quality video.  Try not to skimp on crew and video production equipment.

* Locations.  This is what the viewer will see in the frame, the more accurate and better the locations are, the more profitable the picture will look.

* Professional actors.  Inviting non-professionals is like entrusting a child with a task.  The chances that you will achieve the result are very small.

* Postproduction.  Editing, graphics, voice acting and sound.  50-70% of the success of your commercial depends on these components.

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How to order a promotional video at a fair price?

It happens that a person goes to the Internet and opens a lot of video production companies in front of him.  The most important thing is to choose the right company of fans of your business.  Here are some criteria to watch out for:

  1. Pay attention to who you are communicating with.  It’s good when you communicate with a specialist, strategist or creative person, or maybe a director.  If only the manager is talking to you about the project, then you at least overpay.  As a maximum, your tasks may not fully reach the performer.
  2. Browse the portfolio.  If the company’s portfolio does not have the work that you are counting on, then you should be wary.  Will people be able to create a new product of fundamental quality for you without experience?  You run the risk of experimenting at your own expense.
  3. Clarify the order of prices for promotional videos, even if they are approximate.  If at the first conversation you cannot be answered on most of the questions regarding prices, then this is the first signal.  Perhaps you are communicating with intermediaries, which means you are overpaying.

And in order not to make a mistake with choosing a company, it is best to immediately turn to and get your own unique explainer video that will blow everyone away.

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