How Is Vertiflex Superion Beneficial?

Your spine is a delicate organ that requires the utmost care. Discomfort in the spine can lead to negative consequences such as chronic pain in your back and neck, losing balance, incontinence, or even paralysis. 

There are various treatment plans available to relieve your pain; Vertiflex Superion is one of them. Vertiflex Superion in Austin is an effective and advanced method to provide you with the utmost care and relief. 

What Is Vertiflex Superion?

In conditions such as spinal stenosis (especially in the lower back) and spondylosis, people’s spinal cord lacks proper space to move painlessly. This can be because of age, overgrown spinal bones, and tumors. 

Vertiflex Superion is a procedure that involves implanting a small device in the spine to create more space for the spinal cord so that bones and discs do not trigger pain in the nerves and cord. 

  • Replacement for Surgery 

Traditional pain management methods like physical therapy, pain medication, and surgeries exist. However, these are not effective for every patient as people’s bodies, and it’s requirements differ. Many patients want to avoid surgery due to the several side effects and highly invasive irreversible procedures, which might involve removing bones, incisions leading to permanent scarring, and lowering spinal mobility. Vertiflex Superion simply inserts the implant through a dilator and does not require any surgery. 

  • Short Term Recovery Period

The Vertiflex Superion is usually completed in a short duration. The recovery does not take a long time, and although you should refrain from extreme activities for about six weeks, low-impact exercises can be performed at your own pace a few days after the surgery. The time it takes fluctuates based on each person’s body. You might experience mild pain immediately after the treatment, but it can easily be controlled. Following your doctor’s instructions will assist your healing. 

  • It Is Long-term 

Vertiflex Superion lasts for up to five years, unlike its counterparts, such as medications that need to be taken repetitively. It is safe and has no adverse side effects post-procedure. Since it does not expose the spinal cord, there is a reduced risk of infections as well. It has a high patient satisfaction rate and is highly recommended to people wanting relief from chronic pain. 

  • Reduces Overall Pain 

Discomfort in the spine leads to bad posture, cramping and numbness, widespread pain from your back to your buttock, groin, and legs, and even inefficiency in performing basic movements such as walking and standing. You may experience tingling sensation and muscle fatigue. If left untreated, it can progress into even worse pain and nerve damage. Vertiflex helps bring relief to every affected area and minimize pain. 

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