How gambling has been portrayed in films

Casinos and films have been here with us for many years. They serve as a source of entertainment to the majority of Canadians. Without them, the world becomes a boring place to live. The majority of Canadians spend time with their families and friends watching films and playing casino games.

They are better ways of bringing friends and relatives together and allows them to interact. The best thing is that casino games keep evolving to become better. The Hollywood industry is never relenting to give the viewers the best they need to watch on their screens. But do you have an idea of how gambling has been depicted in casino movies?

We linked up with our gaming expert Michelle Thomas (check profile), to enlighten you on how the two interrelate. Read on to understand from this post.

Below are the top movies that portray more about gambling


The majority of the Canadians have been only knowing Las Vegas as the home of gambling. They know that it’s the origin of some of the casino games you will find on Canadian sites like Jackpot City casino. However, they don’t know that it’s also home to some of the top films that give the viewers a thrilling experience anytime they watch.

The Swingers is a fantastic movie that will make you yearn for more watch time. It displays the rejuvenating bond of the two characters Mike and Trent, as they take a trip to the Nevada Desert. The main reason for travelling to the desert is to make Mike’s mind restabilize after break off with his girlfriend.

In the movie, they epitomize the value of a true swinger as they play as they come. They win and lose throughout the game hence making the film interesting. At some point in the game, Mike gets encouragement from a female companion. He is then seen making another comeback. Unfortunately, all their strategies backfire, and they end up losing everything in the game. They then start at square one.

The cowboy

If you love watching western films, then this great Henry Hathaway has the best ingredients you could be looking for in a film. It has gun showdowns, ladies, gambling, and bar brawls. Dean Martin is the lead role in the film.

The story is about a man caught trying to cheat. The man attempts to commit malpractice during the card stud game, and the opponents want him to face the consequences. Despite the efforts put forward by Van Morgan, the man gets killed.

That, as a result, sees the lynch mob responsible for the killing and hanging murdered one by one. The 5 card stud displays what happens in casino gaming because of the greed to win more. It also depicts how the cheaters at gambling would be treated during the cowboy era.

The bootlegger

Chicago is known in the history books for being an amazing city that is a destination for many tourists and other people around the globe. But that’s not all about Chicago. The viewers get to learn about its earlier story through the Bootlegger.

It was acted when Chicago was rife with corruption, illegal alcohol supplies, and gambling dens. Armitage’s trailer 1929 novel, the original Scarface, shows how the mob boss Al Capone rises and falls.

That’s what is relayed in the film through the actors. Tony Camonte, a gangster, does not free anything as he plays to win the best rewards. He does anything possible to win at the game of cards.

The bootleggers in the film understand that what they are doing in the game is consequential, but that does not make them hold back. They commit all the fouls to sail through the game and win rewards. They also give their opponents a hard time because they consistently win at the game.

From the above highlights, it’s evident that the recent gambling movies and old ones play a vital role in making casino games not only popular but interesting. They also equip Canadian players with top gaming skills as well as learn that there are harsh consequences of cheating at the casinos, thus promoting integrity when gaming. Do you have an idea of other casino or poker movies that will make you enjoy every moment?

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