How Does A Dab Rig Work? Guide to Buying Your First Dab Rig

If you are planning to get into dabs, a dab rig is essential. However, you should know precisely what a dab rig is, the different accessories it includes, and how to smoke it before buying one. Glass dab rig is different from a bong, but there are some basic similarities between the two.

It’s always best to start with simpler, beginner-level models and then work your way up as you get more comfortable. The basic models usually look like water pipes, but even these simple models have their unique features. From methods of heat transfer to shape, you must understand everything concerning rigs before buying them.

What are Dab Rigs?

A glass dab rig is a filtration device that you can use to consume concentrates. Dab users believe that dab rigs offer better flavor and vapor consistency than bongs. Unlike other smoking mechanisms, dab rigs don’t work directly with fire.

It has a nail that heats up with a torch, and then extracts from different herbs are added to it. These dabs produce the vapor, which the user then inhales. Besides using it for recreational purposes, people also use dab rigs for medicinal purposes.

The size is one of the most vital aspects to consider when buying dab rigs. Technically, rigs are smaller than bongs because a smaller area prevents loss of concentrates due to condensation and other issues.

Some of these rigs come with appealing patterns and eye-catching designs that are perfect for people looking to make a state with their unique glass rigs. Assess things like the tube design and glass quality before investing in a tube.

Tube maintenance requirements people typically ignore while buying rigs. However, it’s essential to get a good idea of how often you should clean the rig and any specific cleaning instructions you need to follow before buying a rig.

The glass chambers of dab rigs are connected to a nail. It takes a bit of technique and experience to smoke a pipe well.

How Do Dab Rigs Work

The torch or the nail of the dab rig heats the surface of the rig to create smoke. Dabs are usually placed on the heated nail. The heat interacts with the dabs to create the vapor and that you can inhale.

You should place the mouthpiece in your mouth to inhale the smoke well. Since you will be inhaling the vapor directly into your mouth, it’s essential to get high-quality, locally-sourced cannabis.

These pipes are specially designed to vaporize cannabis concentrates and come with filters that can concentrate the vapor. Pipes accomplish this by using water at the base to vaporize concentrates.

If you are a new dabber, you may find the whole process overwhelming and confusing. So, it’s best to understand how dab rigs work before using a dab rig.

Add Water to the Chamber

The first thing dabbers need to do is add sufficient water to the water chamber. The quantity should not be overly high or low.

The best way to find out if the water quantity is sufficient is by taking a drag. Check if the water is splashing into the mouthpiece when you take a drag. If so, you may need to remove some water from the chamber.

Prepare the Nail

The next step in the process is preparing the dab nail. If the nails are made of titanium or quartz, then it’s best to season them before use. This is because metal nails may contain minerals or other elements, and you may end up inhaling these external substances without proper cleaning.

It’s best to use a high-quality glass or metal bong cleaning solution to clean your nail or other accessories parts. After this step, ensure that you have all the required ingredients ready to start smoking.

Some bongs and rigs come with electronic nails. These nails have temperature control options and controller boxes. However, electronic nails are more expensive than traditional nails. They also offer butane-free heating options.

Heat the Nail

You can now heat the nail to start smoking. Light up the torch or lighter, and then apply the flame to the nail. It may take a few seconds or a couple of minutes to heat up based on the thickness of the nail. When the nail is heated, you will be able to see a reddish glow.

However, it would help if you waited till the nail cooled to start smoking. This will allow the heat and flavors to spread evenly through the surface of the pipe. Also, ensure that the nail does not contact your skin when you smoke since you could sustain severe burns.

Add the Dab

Once the nail heats up, you can proceed to add the dab to the nail. However, the oils may evaporate quickly if you are not careful. Also, ensure the dab is at the right temperature to prevent other coughing and respiratory issues.

Start Inhaling After You Cover the Carb

Cover the carb or hole with a finger and then inhale the vapors. If you start coughing or sneezing, it may mean that the nail temperature is too high. You will likely experience the effects of inhalation in a few minutes.

Clean the Equipment

Clean the equipment every time you use it. It’s especially vital to clean the nail well. This step will also ensure that your equipment stays in good condition throughout and minimize the risk of elements getting stuck in there.

Things to Keep in Mind While Smoking

Besides ensuring you get the best quality cannabis, it’s also essential not to overdose on the substance. You may end up sustaining severe health issues. Overdosing on cannabis can even lead to fatal injuries.

You should also be careful with the torch and nail when you smoke, or you may sustain third-degree burns. If you have pets or kids, ensure that the cannabis does not contaminate your house. If there are cannabis bits on the floor, your dog or other pet may ingest it and fall sick.

Wrapping Up

Also, use high-quality cleaning solutions and scent reduction sprays to minimize the odor in your house. So, before buying the dab rigs you should keep in mind the above tips that will certainly help beginners.

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