How Does a Cloud Computing Course Benefit Your Career?

In 2021, every business is moving its work online during the pandemic – be it small or big. Cloud-based technologies are being used so that working remotely is possible. 

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing services delivery of computing services such as software, storage, databases, networking, analytics, servers, and intelligence. The organization opting for cloud computing would only have to pay for the services they have opted for. Hence, cloud computing is incredibly beneficial. Organizations can ensure the smooth functioning of their business infrastructure as per their needs. Also, these services can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It has been estimated that there will be an investment of more than $300 billion in cloud computing by the end of 2021. Hence, the popularity of cloud computing is evident.

Benefits of cloud computing

There are various benefits of cloud computing for organizations, including –

  1. Economical solutions – With cloud computing, the need for hardware, software, and physical server rooms to store and maintain data gets eliminated. With this, organizations can save a lot of money and electricity since the requirement for power is very high.
  2. Increase in productivity – With the elimination of maintaining data centers that require a considerable amount of resources, a company can focus on fulfilling their business goals and delivering quality products and services to their customers.
  3. Speed improvement – With cloud computing, organizations can access the services per their requirement with one click of the mouse. Hence, speed also improves with cloud computing technologies.
  4. Accessibility – Again, with the elimination of physical resources with cloud computing, organizations can access their services from any corner of the world, using any device. 

With such a rise in cloud computing technologies, the need for cloud computing professionals who can develop and maintain cloud platforms is increasing too. Various cloud vendors have come up with cloud computing courses and certifications. There are thousands of online as well as offline cloud computing courses that professionals can acquire. Since these certifications are short, professionals can pursue as many courses as they want to without quitting their job. Since most of these are online, professionals can pursue a cloud computing course at their own pace and according to their convenience. These courses also offer quizzes, practice exams, virtual lab sessions, assessments, and informational videos. The modules are interactive so that professionals can learn easily. Cloud computing certifications can kickstart your career in cloud computing. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pursuing a cloud computing course.

  1. Learning an in-demand skill – According to Indeed, over 85,000 job posts mention cloud computing; however, around 25,000 cloud computing positions aren’t filled. They become more desirable to companies, and their chances of landing a job increase. This is because companies that are looking to hire cloud computing professionals require cloud computing certification. Having pursued a cloud computing certification guarantees that the individual is a certified cloud professional and can help them develop or maintain cloud-based solutions. Hence, having a cloud computing certification can help professionals who want to enter this field tremendously.
  2. Better salary – With cloud computing certifications, you can earn a better salary than those who aren’t certified. According to Forbes, a certified cloud computing professional can earn an average salary of $125,971 per annum. Hence, with cloud computing certifications, you can land your dream job and earn a better salary. According to Payscale, the average salary of a solutions architect is Rs. 16,45,081 per annum, whereas that of an information technology architect is Rs. 19,38,933. Senior software architects can expect to earn an annual average salary of Rs. 25,78,989.
  3. Job security – The market for cloud computing is increasing and will keep on growing in the future. The demand for cloud computing professionals is exceptionally high, which will also keep increasing in the future. Hence, there is absolute job security in this field, especially for professionals who are certified. Also, there is a shortage of certified cloud computing professionals; hence, it is a no-brainer that one should undoubtedly pursue cloud computing courses.
  4. Recognition – A company looking to hire cloud computing professionals looks for attributes such as certification, training, and experience. If you pursue cloud computing certification, you get recognized above IT engineers. Your certification showcases your commitment towards learning as well as your abilities to helping your organization cut costs and reduce risks. With certifications, you will also be able to work on better projects and be considered a cloud expert for your clients and superiors. Having a certificate in cloud computing shows that you can handle complex processes and cloud deployment in a company.
  5. More desirable – For a company, a professional with certifications and relevant experience is always an asset compared to those who aren’t certified. Your certificate will make you more desirable to your employers because you stand out among your peers and have an edge. It also gives a much-needed boost to your resume.
  6. Flexibility – Different types of cloud computing certifications are available in the market, such as solution architects, cloud architects, or cloud developers. When you look for your next role, these certifications can help you. Also, with these certifications, you have the flexibility to work in any sector such as government, entertainment, finance, healthcare, or education.
  7. Showcasing expertise – If you want to become a cloud computing professional, it is necessary to pursue a cloud computing certification that will portray your expertise. This will show potential employers how serious and committed you are towards learning and upgrading yourself.

Today, each organization relies on the power of cloud computing, no matter its size. This is only going to grow further in the coming years. Whether you’re planning to start your career in cloud computing or taking it further, pursuing a cloud computing certification can help you acquire the skills that are in demand as well as stay up-to-date.

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