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How do PR Firms Differ from Marketing Firms?

When we talk about marketing and PR firms, people usually get confused about the work done by both as there is a very thin line between their strategies. This is so because the end goal, objectives, and some of their strategies are closely related in both.

But to get an idea about both tactics in simple words – marketing is all about increasing the sales of an organization by promoting its products, services, and idea among potential customers. On the other hand, Public Relations focuses on spreading awareness about the brand and maintaining its positive reputation in the target market.

Let us understand more in detail.

Goals & Objectives for PR and Marketing Firm

A PR team focuses on

  • Spreading awareness about the product, brand, or services and selling them to potential customers by maintaining a positive reputation in the market. The team focuses on building trust among stakeholders, and the general public using various earned communication channels.

A marketing team focuses on

  • Generating sales by reaching out the potential customers by any means (paid or unpaid media) and pushing them to carry out sales-focus actions by showing their interest, again and again, using advertising campaigns.
  • Increase in revenue for the organization.

General Tactics of PR vs Marketing

The day-to-day tactics by PR professionals are:

  • Spreading the right message of a company among the target audiences and stakeholders.
  • Preparing content for the Press Release and sharing it on authentic platforms so that it gets maximum reach to the potential customers.
  • Building and managing a positive reputation of the brand, person, or services among media.
  • Organizing media events and participating in them on behalf of their clients.
  • Helping in crisis communication and management.

The day-to-day tactics by marketing professionals are:

  • Creating the best advertising campaign for the firm and managing it till it reaches its goal.
  • Focusing on both traditional as well as digital advertising techniques.
  • Conducting thorough research about the industry and the competitors to build a strong and successful marketing campaign.
  • Managing the company’s social media profiles by updating them about all the latest events happening in the organization.
  • Taking care of all the sales pitches, brochures, launches, PDFs, etc. on behalf of the organization.

Target Audiences of Public Relations vs Marketing

The target audiences for both PR and marketing campaigns differ due to their different strategies for reaching out to people.

Target audiences that a PR team tries to reach are:

  • There is no limit to the target audiences that a PR team wants to reach. The target audiences are decided by the current demand of an organization. The PR team prepares a plan according to the demand, personally reaches the media professionals, and side by side blasts press releases on all the authentic platforms that are trusted by the customers.

Target audiences that a Marketing team tries to reach are:

  • The marketing usually tries to reach out to the group of people that are either addressing either customers or prospects. The team usually works on various strategies that involve email marketing, digital marketing, ABM, etc. that focuses on a particular set of people that are interested in the client’s product, brand, or services.

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