How do bongs work, can I use tobacco in them?

Given the increasing, truthfully overstepping its bounds at this point pressure exerted by society for people to abandon cigarettes, pipes and cigars, you may be looking for other ways to enjoy your tobacco. Non-smokers whom pressure smokers to quit don’t realize just how difficult, unpleasant and often undesired quitting actually is. Sure, it’s bad for us and we should probably find healthier ways to do it, which we are going to discuss today, but some of us are okay with potential health risks, happier if we can abate them a little bit, and don’t want to be bothered with the living hell that is quitting this addiction. Maybe you’ve tried electronic solutions and discovered that they just aren’t your thing. They are indeed polarizing, and they are a bit unjustifiably expensive for the moment as well.

So, if for no other reason than to shut nosy people up, maybe you are ready to look for healthier ways to enjoy your tobacco, and if that’s not good enough for everyone, tough. However, if the electronic solutions don’t work, what else really is there? Well, for starters, you can adhere to tobacco products that in and of themselves are more natural, which does eliminate some of the unhealthy garbage put in a lot of cigarettes and pipe tobacco.

However, you can also improve the way you filter your smoke, because the filters in cigarettes and the like are really just designed to reduce the overall potency of the smoke in general, rather than specifically scrub out the unhealthy stuff. A filter like that really can’t do that anyhow. Water can, however. Water is the closest thing we know of to a universal solvent and a universal filter. Given that smoke is comprised of ash, oils and carcinogenic compounds, we simply want to filter out the ash and carcinogens, as these are the parts of it that are so bad for us. We want the oil wherein the flavor and the nicotine reside, which also happens to not really be soluble with water, allowing it to pass through the filter while the action carcinogens and tar do not.

Now, what is a smoking device that uses water as a filter? Could it possibly be a bong? Yes! So, a bong can very obviously be a very much healthier way to enjoy your tobacco, it isn’t just for the dry herbs associated with counterculture, they in fact appropriated it from its original tobacco use.

But don’t just go to the bong shop down the road from you, get the best bong your money can buy. This isn’t going to be some artsy piece from a local glassblower, the supporting them just for the fun of it is still probably a nice idea. For your regular use, you want a precision device, one built to last, one built for ease-of-use and one built to be easy to maintain. Shisha Glass is the bong shop where you can find ozbongs and other leading bong products.

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