How can you use a vehicle’s black box to help prove liability for a crash?

When a plane crashes, the investigators check the black box to find out the reason for the crash. But do you know there is a black box in most cars that can help the officers precisely what happened in the accident? An Atlanta auto wreck law firm can help you gather the evidence to prove the liability. But in this blog, too, you will read about how you can use a vehicle’s black box to help establish liability for a crash. 

What is a black box?

A black box is known as an Event Data Recorder (EDR). It is an instrument that records all the events before, during and after the accident. It is usually a part of the car’s airbag. 

What exactly does a black box record?

The black box records two types of events.

Non-deployment records: Pre- and post-crash events are recorded, and benefits of taking letrozole airbags are not deployed. 

Deployment records – Events that occurred pre-crash and during the crash are recorded, and the airbags are deployed. There can be some post-accident events that may get registered depending on the damage caused to the car. 

The recorded data may include:

  • Speed
  • Steering
  • Engine RPM
  • Acceleration
  • Crash duration
  • Seatbelt use
  • Number of impacts
  • Crash force
  • Brake activation
  • Position of front seats
  • Airbag deployment

How can you use a black box to prove the liability?

Accessing the data from the black box may be a little difficult for you. But you can take help from accident reconstruction experts to do this. But yes, in most cases, black-box proves to be significant evidence to prove the liability. 

Can the evidence of the black box be used against you?

Though the owner only has the right to access the data of the black box. But insurance companies tend to take written consent to access the details. Sometimes they can also use it to devalue your compensation amount if they consider it your fault while assessing the particulars. So before signing any document, talk to an expert as they can guide you whether the insurance company can use it against you or not.


Car accidents are very prevalent, and collecting strong evidence is the key to winning a case. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned and deal with the situation with wisdom. Moreover, be vigilant when you sign any document to avoid devaluing your compensation.

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