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How can you protect your eyes from Blue light’s Negative Impact?

The risk factor of blue light emission to human health created enough reasons to draw attention. Blue light consists of high energy can create photochemical damage irreversibly to eye tissues. Excessive exposure of eye to blue lights can result oxidative stress, inflammatory apoptosis, DNA damage which will lead to severe diseases such as dry eye disease, keratitis and glaucoma.

Increasing use of digital gadgets

Today’s technologically advanced world has come across excessive use of digital gadgets which has lighting technologies such as mobile phones, LED lights, computers and others. This blue light can be visible within the range of 400nm and 500 nm. Some section of people come across in connection with this blue light most such as medical workers, coach drivers and soldiers. The effect of short wave light on human eyes is permanent. Sometime high range blue light can harm retina and creates potential hazard from short-wave light.

Measures to protect eyes

Eyes are the most precious gift of mankind. Eyes should be protected from any unprecedented adversities. Excessive use of lighting digital gadgets can harm human eyes and its effect can remain everlasting that can lead to loss of vision as well. Some protective measures have to be adapted by people to protect their eyes from digitalised technologies. Such as:

  • With the modern improvement of living standard excessive exposure to blue light can occur. The procurement of preventive measures should be adopted to protect eyes from damage. To control this, blue light blocking glasses are emerging continually.
  • Daily engagement with digital instruments that can emit blue light can hazard the eye condition. Not all instruments and operational gadgets are highly effective to blue lights but the short-term wave lights can create problems. The ordinary daily digital displays can result minimum risk. But short-wave lights have a risk factor. Scientific research shows that a series of anti- blue light intake have to be adapted after long-term exposure.
  • Those who are associated with corporate working field have to minimise the working schedule especially at night. They have to avoid the use of electronic gadgets at night to eliminate the effect of secretion on melatonin of blue light. Complete rest, good sleep and eye closure can mend the wound created by blue light.
  • When anyone has no alternative but using blue light loaded instruments at night, adequate anti-blue light glasses and proper screen protection cover can be appropriate choice to keep ayes safe from blue-light injury. Special computer glasses with blue light filter, special glasses with effective lens can protect eyes. Clear glass, pink glasses, white glasses can be used by people with a blue light protective coating on it that can block 65% of blue ray emission.
  • Crizal glasses are effective for computer users to use as a protective means from blue light. Red glasses are helpful to use at bedtime at night. Tortoise shell glasses can block almost 100% blue or green light at night.

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