How Can You Lose Weight by Taking Liquid Chlorophyll?

Losing weight is a hot topic on social media nowadays. And many influencers are continuing to give their diverse opinions on the subject. While there are a lot of rumors, misconceptions, and myths and as well facts out there about weight loss, it is so easy to get caught up in the confusion. One of the recent statements on weight loss is the use of liquid chlorophyll. And you will definitely learn more about taking a chlorophyll shot for weight loss in this article.

After the mushroom coffee and broccoli latte sensation for weight loss results, now comes in a new entrant by the name liquid chlorophyll. But is the hype, especially on TikTok, true on the benefits of taking a chlorophyll shot for weight loss? What we knew was a pigment that makes plants green may now be a magical source of weight loss plateau to humans. But how true is this anyway?

The Chlorophyll Shot Trend

Social media is a buzz with the chlorophyll shot trend. A lot of influencers and indeed social media users are sharing videos and photos of them drinking chlorophyll in a bid to encourage their counterparts to do the same. At the same time, they are basing their argument on the numerous benefits that chlorophyll has in the human body.

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How could something that we knew as only beneficial to plants become a positive for humans too? The chlorophyll shot trend is about a substance known as chlorophyllin. It is a semi-synthetic mixture of salts and comes from natural chlorophyll. It is soluble in water and many health food stores and pharmacies sell it as a supplement. They sell it mostly as tablets that could easily dissolve in any drink that you want to use it with.

Chlorophyllin is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants. That is why many consider it faster in giving someone results than maybe foods rich in chlorophyll. The antioxidant properties help it to ward off free radicals in the body, which can be beneficial even in the fight against cancer.

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How Will a Chlorophyll Shot Help in Weight Loss


Of the many benefits of taking a chlorophyll shot regularly, weight loss seems to capture the attention of most people online. After all, so many people are trying to lose weight and stay in shape. In fact, weight control has been a hot topic since time immemorial.

But how really does chlorophyll help in the control of weight and regulation of obesity? According to research, chlorophyll can help to lower the levels of cholesterol in the human body. In addition, it may also help to reduce the craving for junk food, which in most cases is the number one factor that leads to increase in weight.

According to many influencers and supporters of the supplement and drink alike, it can help you cut down your helpings every day. And when you do this, you can easily cut down on calories, and in turn, keep your weight in check.

The Green Leafy Vegetables Perspective

Chlorophyll, as a photoreceptor, contributes to the green pigmentation in plants. Therefore, it is present in green leafy veggies such as algae and other herbs. Naturally, the consumption of these whole foods and greens will help to reduce weight and keep it in check at all times. This is due to their richness in fiber, which can help to boost metabolism. And when the metabolic processes in the body are high, then automatically burning of fats takes place and bodily processes become more efficient.

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The consumption of liquid chlorophyll may also have the same benefits in terms of weight control. After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree. Nonetheless, research on this supplement is still ongoing, and we wouldn’t want to make any claims yet. But if the results from many users is anything to go by, then taking a chlorophyll shot regularly can help with the control of weight.

Chlorophyll and weight loss, therefore, are connected. Eating whole foods that have chlorophyll in them will help in the gradual loss of weight. That is why they are usually a part of most healthy meal plans and diets.

The other argument is that chlorophyll tends to be rich in fiber. And we all know how foods rich in fiber help in reducing appetite and increasing satiety. Therefore, taking a chlorophyll shot will have you feeling fuller or satiated throughout the day. And this will reduce the number of times you grab something to eat, just as we had stated before.

In addition, liquid chlorophyll can remove toxins from the body and help in the breaking down of huge fat molecules.

Final Thoughts

There’s a very positive relationship between taking a chlorophyll shot regularly and weight loss. Even though many are using it for mileage on social media, there are benefits to count. And it wouldn’t hurt giving it a try today.

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