How can you cope up with your dissertation writing stress?

Dissertation is so troublesome for the students that it leads them to stress. Coping with the dissertation, especially in this age of competition, makes students chew the iron nuts. Still, no one can skip this educational phase. Here are some of the reasons why dissertation writing is stressful for students and how they can deal with it.

Why Dissertation Writing is Stressful for the Students?

Following are the main factors that add to the students’ dissertation writing stress.

–      Pre-Conceived Fear

The preconceived fear of failure captures the students’ minds and limits their ability to work. They think that they cannot handle this challenge, even if they somehow manage to complete it, still they would fail. This fear loosens their confidence and doesn’t let them proceed efficiently. It keeps increasing their dissertation writing stress.

–      Lengthiest Academic Task

A dissertation is the lengthiest academic task students are ever assigned. Undergraduates are supposed to produce a dissertation of 5,000 to 10,000, master students have to write 15,000 to 20,000 words while PhD is required to come up with 60,000 to 80,000 words. These huge word counts are enough to blow the students’ minds. Obviously, it’s definite stress to meet such troubling word counts.

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–      Time Management Issues

Time management issues are directly proportional to stress, (Wolf, Stidham, and Ross, 2015), especially for the students. They have to do a bulk of assignments at a time along with the dissertation. Further, many students do jobs alongside their studies. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the students to reserve time for each of their responsibility. They don’t find enough time to give to their academic tasks which leads them to panic and suffer stress.

–      Difficult Research Requirements

Dissertation writing is a stress also because of its great research requirements. Not all students possess good research skills. They don’t know about the qualitative and quantitative research tools. They are unaware of how to collect the most credible data. Also, they face problems in gathering the most relevant information. All these research concerns make the dissertation writing much more stressful.

–      High Educational Standards

UK education standards are difficult to match which adds to the students’ stress. The standards of dissertation checking and judgments though depend on the levels of education, i.e. undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, still, students produce a dissertation up to the level. This is because, the teachers expect a similar outcome from every student, not understanding that each student has a different Calibre, capabilities, and mental approach.

Simple Guidelines to Deal with Your Dissertation Writing Stress

The following guide comprises some simple ways to effectively deal with your dissertation writing stress.

·      Calm down Yourself First

You cannot write even a write single comprehensive word for your dissertation with a stressful mind. So, it’s better to courageous accept the dissertation writing as a challenge because there is always a blessing in adversity. In case you end up failing your dissertation despite hard work, still, there is no need to lose hope. The END itself says “Effort Never Dies”. So why worry? Just calm down and be relaxed. You must believe in your abilities to kill your dissertation writing stress.

·      Overcome Your Academic Burden

A bulk of assignments would never let you concentrate on your dissertation. You first need to overcome your academic burden. If you are frequently assigned essays that distract your focus, you may hire professional essay writers UK based that can share your burden as well as ace your essays to contribute to your academic growth. In this way, you can save your effort for your dissertation writing.

·      Take Online Help for the Topic Selection

Many students get confused while selecting the topic for their dissertation. They have hundreds of ideas in their minds but due to the broadness of their field, they are unable to come up with the most appropriate topic. So, if you are stuck in the topic selection that causing stress, you may ask Google for help.

There are a number of credible sources available on the internet that provide free dissertation topics to the students concerning their subjects. For example, if you are a nursing student so they can help you select one of the most appropriate, comprehensive, and interesting mental health nursing dissertation topics or cardiac nursing topics, etc.

·      Prepare the Dissertation Outline

After selecting the topic, set a plan for how you want to proceed with your dissertation. Divide your plan into several steps and prepare an outline for it. In this way, you can execute your plan in an organized way and you can complete your dissertation without getting panic attacks.

·      Discuss Your Plan with Your Professor

Before starting working on your dissertation according to your plan, you should discuss it with the concerned authority. Take your professor’s feedback on your plan and modify it as per their advice. In this way, you will get a surety that your plan will not fail later. It will release your tension and increase your confidence.

·      Set a Timetable

You should follow a timetable to complete your dissertation. Make a proper schedule about how many hours a day you will give to your dissertation and set daily targets. You must not procrastinate your work because it will do nothing but will contribute to your stress.

·      Reserve Breaks for Yourself

Working long hours on your dissertation research and writing is more than just hectic (Taylor, 2020) and if you do it without taking breaks soon it will make you feel tired and break your interest in your work. If you don’t take breaks then what happens is that you dedicatedly work for three to four days and then suddenly you get exhausted and lose all the motivation. It must not happen. You should take refreshing breaks at least twice or thrice a day to boost your energy levels and keep up your morale.

·      Celebrate Each Triumph

Give yourself a tap on your back when you achieve the target of the day. For example, you decided to complete one dissertation chapter each day, and you did it, you must celebrate it. Gift yourself a candy or cheer yourself with clapping. In this way, you feel motivated and encouraged for the next task.

·      Use Smart Options for Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are essential steps to make your dissertation perfect by all means but you must not take stress for it. You may use smart options i.e. editing and proofreading apps for this purpose.


By following the above-mentioned guidelines and tips you can easily cope with your dissertation writing stress. You must not let your stress affect your intellectual and cognitive abilities and block your way to success.


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