How can you Buy A Membership Interest in an Existing LLC?

When investing in a limited liability company, there are several things to consider. There are tax advantages to purchasing an LLC membership from another person. When purchasing an existing company, there is less risk, and the company can provide you with more immediate results than a start-up. LLCs are receiving favorable tax treatment as a result of recent tax reform.

You have the option of holding a Section 754 election with potential members if you so choose. This option allows you to deduct depreciation and/or amortization of income taxes on assets held by the LLC in order to claim additional tax on those assets. An LLC frequently has depreciated assets within the business, resulting in the tax basis of something like the company’s assets being less than the value of the LLC. This is known as depreciation. You can contact the experts if you want to know about how to form an LLC In NYC

If possible, purchasing all of the membership interests in the limited liability company (LLC), which thus holds the real estate, is a good way to avoid incurring these additional costs. This enables real estate purchasers to obtain title to the property without switching the legal owner of the property at any time during the transaction. There really is no change in rights of ownership because the title to the property remains in possession of the existing owner-entity, though there is a change in the direct authority of the property. Property tax reassessments do not occur when a change in control of real estate occurs, despite previous efforts by the house of representatives to the contrary; however, changes in ownership of real estate do result in such consequences.


Obtain the approval of the LLC members in order to proceed. The existing members own 100% of the company, and if they bring in a new owner, they will have to reduce their ownership percentages in order to accommodate the new investor.

No member can be compelled to reduce his or her ownership interest in the company. If there is no written agreement stating otherwise, state law typically requires unanimous consent from all members before a new member can be admitted.

Agreement Regarding the Operation

If there is an operating agreement in place that addresses the possibility of adding a new member, that agreement has the contractual force and takes precedence over state laws.

Determine what kind of privileges you will enjoy as a member before proceeding. Do you only receive profits and have no say in the matter? These privileges are outlined in the operating agreement.

The economic rights in a limited liability company are referred to as interest, which is a type of intangible personal property that is very similar to partnership interest in terms of ownership and transferability. Interest is generally transferable because it is a property right, though there can be and frequently are restrictions on transfer imposed by the articles of organization or operating agreement of the company, as well as by another contract. It is better to insult the professional when you do not know how to form an LLC In NYC

For example, unlike a transfer of corporate stock, a transfer of LLC interest does not convey any non-economic rights, which are held solely by the LLC’s members, and simply acquiring an interest does not (in the majority of cases) imply that the person is now a member of the LLC in question. “Admission” is the process by which a person becomes a member. The non-economic rights are referred to as “membership rights” in some circles.

Purchasing the membership interests in an LLC may also make it more difficult to obtain financing in the future. When lending on the acquisition of real estate, rather than the purchase of membership interests in a real estate title holder, lenders prefer to do so because the transaction is less complicated, and there is less chance that the lender or its borrower will be exposed to undisclosed liabilities as a result. Consequently, purchasers of LLC membership interests should expect their lenders to require additional covenants in order to mitigate this additional risk, and such purchasers should obtain pre-approval from their lender prior to going for an agreement to buy the membership interests of an LLC.

It is extremely difficult to describe in detail all of the ownership options that are available in a limited liability company in this short piece of writing. Because of their incredibly adaptable nature, limited liability companies (LLCs) are the ideal entity for advanced contractual arrangements. However, it is important to describe the ownership properly – whoever the owners are or how much they own – and to be specific about every special right or priority that distinguish members from one another. If you neglect to include these details in your Operating Agreement, neither the LLC statute nor a public filing (as corporations have) will be able to provide you with guidance. It is better to buy a membership if you do not know how to form an LLC In NYC.

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