How Can I Get Bitcoins Fast?

Seen by many as digital gold, Bitcoin (BTC) is the most valuable cryptocurrency, with 1 BTC selling currently worth excess of $50,000 as of mid-October 2021. Many people are getting into crypto to make money trading Bitcoin. Beginners often ask one question: “How can I get Bitcoin fast?

Well, there are several ways to get your hands on Bitcoin online without any hassle. Like other commodities, investing in BTC comes with risks. But if you understand the crypto world, you can win big.

Here is how to get Bitcoin fast?

1. Buy Bitcoins from crypto exchanges

The easiest way to get BTC fast is to buy from a trusted crypto exchange. You will need to set up a Bitcoin wallet, which will be used to store and receive funds. Custodial Bitcoin wallets are hosted on crypto exchanges. Once you have a BTC personal wallet, you will need to create a user account on a reliable crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and transact in digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Some exchanges provide multiple payment options including PayPal, bank transfer, and credit cards.

How can I get Bitcoins fast in Turkey?

Nakitcoins is one of the best places to get BTC fast in Turkey. This broker allows people to buy bitcoins online and in-person with cash. You could also opt for other popular Bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Coinmama, Paxful, or LocalBitcoins, etc.

2. Buy Bitcoins from BTC ATM

Bitcoin ATMs allow registered users to buy BTC with cash. You can use Coin ATM Radar to browse for the nearest Bitcoin ATM in your area to buy Bitcoin. In the United States, LibertyX retail stores across the nation accept cash for Bitcoin transactions.

3. Play Games to Earn Bitcoins

What is the best way to get Bitcoin fast for free?

It is a good idea to entertain yourself by playing online games while earning Bitcoins for free. On your laptop or smartphone, you can play a variety of games online and get rewarded with BTC. While Bitcoin faucets are mostly offered freely to gamers, you may have to get used to seeing ads popping up on your screen. 

Hate to be disrupted by annoying ads? Then consider joining a Bitcoin casino that allows you to bet your money on games and win rewards in Bitcoin.

4. Shop online with Lolli browser extension

Another simple way to get Bitcoins fast for free is to shop online with Lolli. Lolli is an American shopping rewards company that offers users up to 30% cashback in BTC when they shop online with top merchants like Nike, Macy, and thousands of others. Simply, install their browser extension, do your regular online shopping, and earn Bitcoin rewards. When you use Lolli to check out various brands, you could earn up to 30% cashback in BTC. Downloading the Lolli browser add-on is a great way to get Bitcoins when shopping for your regular buys. Smart move! Isn’t it?

An alternative to Lolli is CoinCorner, a UK company that partners with renowned brands such as Vodafone and and allows you to earn Bitcoin.

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