How Bright Pattern Is Revolutionizing Customer Service

As a modern business owner, you’ve most likely felt the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business. The majority of businesses have been forced to switch to fully remote work in the last year and a half. Because of this, business owners have had to swiftly adjust workflows and expectations. Even though we are now working differently and adapting to our new environments, this doesn’t mean that our customer service standards should have to suffer.

Quality management is still as important as ever. It could even be said that it’s even more important now that there is a physical distance between employers and employees. Call center and customer service teams need the right digital channels and solutions to help them keep the customer experience positive and efficient. The following are some of the top integrations for modern contact centers as well as innovative companies that are providing them.

What is omnichannel communication?

In our modern world, technology rules everything. Customer service teams in particular are now relying on technology to help streamline their workflows as they are now mostly working from home. Omnichannel communication centers are digital integrations that provide powerful quality assurance and AI automation solutions for business teams. What sets an omnichannel contact center apart is its ability to connect and streamline all of your team’s workflows into a single interface.

One of the top contact center software companies today is Bright Pattern. Their team of software developers and engineers understand how important efficiency is to your team, and this is what has inspired them to completely transform the traditional tools that were available to contact center teams.

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Remotely working is already such a jarring experience for teams that are used to working in an office. Having to adjust to using various interfaces and new devices only slows your team down. This is why their developers have created a powerful contact center solution for business users to streamline the workspaces of their remote agents.

How do omnichannel contact center solutions help improve efficiency?

There are many reasons why you should be utilizing contact center software solutions for your team, but one of the most popular reasons is the increased efficiency and productivity it provides. With automation and machine learning through artificial intelligence, these integrations only get smarter as your team works with them. No longer will your team members have to navigate through various software interfaces and contact channels. They now have access to all of the customer information and contact points all in one spot.

Not only do these software integrations include artificial intelligence, but they are also scalable to your business. Being able to personalize the software interfaces that your team will be using is invaluable. The majority of businesses have multiple contact points for their customers. Email, live chat, phone calls, and even more. Because there are so many points of access for your customers, your team needs to be able to efficiently answer these customer queries, no matter where they’re coming from.

The reason why omnichannel communication center solutions are so important is that it allows your team to access all of these queries in a single space, but these integrations aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why scalability and personalization are so important. While many businesses utilize multiple contact points for their customers, they definitely don’t all use the same ones or use them in the same ways. Your use of the platform will differ from that of your competitors, which will also differ from businesses in different industries. The reality is that integrations of this caliber aren’t just for large enterprises. Small businesses can benefit just as greatly from these solutions and increase the productivity of their teams.

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