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A house has intricate details and many elements that are more important than it can be built into a residential home. One of the main elements of building รับสร้างบ้านโคราช an important house is the structure. which serves to support the total weight of the house Resident weight and assembling furniture

Therefore, the selection of materials for the structure of the house is another matter that the homeowner must pay special attention to and pay attention to detail. To select the quality and suitable for the needs of use

In this article, we have 3 main structural materials to consider: cement structure, wood structure and steel structure. What are the differences between each species? Let’s get to know each other together.

1. Mortar structure

concrete structure house Also known as steel-reinforced concrete structure houses. It is a popular structure that has been used for a long time. from past to present

Highlights of the concrete structure house

  • Easy to buy, cheap price. The cement structure is a structure that can be easily purchased for materials. There are many products and types of cement in the market to choose from. Therefore, there is a wider range of price options than other structures.
  • Easy to find technicians. With long-standing popularity, most technicians and contractors can build a cement house. Homeowners therefore have the option of having skilled craftsmen to come and build their homes easily.
  • Build a house in a variety of styles. There are many types of concrete houses to choose from. Homeowners can design and decorate as they like.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions. Ban Pun can adapt well to hot and cold weather conditions, for example, during the day in summer, Ban Pun will stay cool. Because the cement helps absorb the heat stored. and in winter A cement house will block the cold wind better than a wooden house. make the house warm It is also resistant to sunlight and rain.
  • Good soundproofing and pollution protection. The cement structure house can keep the sound in the house well. It also prevents noise from outside. including various pollutants such as dust, smoke and odors not to disturb people in the house as well

Disadvantages of concrete houses

  • Color problem, the cement house needs to be painted. or stick wallpaper on the wall to make the house bright and inviting So over time The house will have problems with discoloration, dullness, peeling, and if the color scheme is not appropriate. It will make the house look dark and not bright.
  • less flexibility The cement structure is a strong structure but lacks flexibility. Therefore, if there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake, the cement house will be damaged, cracked and destroyed more than other types of structures.
  • Difficult to dismantle and move. The cement structure is a permanent structure. Not suitable for demolition and moving, so before building a cement structure house Should choose a house and the structure before, of course. Because if you want to move or improve the house later, it will be difficult. and may have to be demolished

2. Wooden structure

before the entry of the cement structure The wooden structure is the main house structure in Thailand. Because it is a material that is easy to find, durable, suitable for the environment of Thai people in the past.

Highlights of the wooden structure house

  • Good heat dissipation Wood will have the property to transfer heat quickly. Houses built with wood are cool, not stuffy, well ventilated. which is a feature that stands out from other materials Therefore, it is suitable for Thai tropical climate.
  • unique identity The wood has a unique charm. Whether it’s a colorful pattern that is unique in each sheet. or a surface that gives a feeling of natural softness Wood is therefore a material that is beautiful, classic, contemporary and never out of date.
  • Resistant to natural disasters. The wooden structure is both strong, durable and flexible. When the land Wooden houses are less damaged than other types of structures.
  • Easy to dismantle. Wooden houses can be easily dismantled. modify, improve, change or moving to a new assembly, it can be done In addition, the wood that has already been dismantled. can also be reused
  • Freshen up the residents. The wooden structure house is the use of natural materials. Therefore, the atmosphere inside the house is natural, refreshing and relaxing.

Disadvantages of wooden structure houses

  • Termite pests Wooden houses often have problems with termites and various insects that try to eat the wood. So if you love to build a wooden house The wood must be treated with special care, such as applying a termite repellent, insect repellent.
  • Rare building materials. Wood belongs to nature and therefore is limited. Cannot be added instantly as you like Therefore, the price of wood is quite high. The more good wood, hardwood such as Teng wood, Red wood and Pradu wood that are suitable for building a house. The more rare and more expensive as well.
  • Difficult to maintain than other materials. The material is stretched and contracted according to the weather conditions. Sometimes there is a problem of the house leaking between the gaps of the wood. In addition, the wood material changes all the time. Therefore, the homeowner must regularly take care, inspect, repair and maintain such as insect repellent, paint coating, nail reinforcement.
  • Can’t protect all weather conditions. Wooden houses, despite their good heat transfer. But the thermal protection properties are not very good. Therefore, in the summer the wooden house will be hotter than the cement house. and in winter The wooden house will be cooler because the cold wind will pass through the inside of the house. In addition, wooden houses are not suitable to build houses on the road. Because it can not prevent dust, smoke or various odors. from the outside, can’t enter the house

3. Steel structure

Steel structure is a new structure that is hot during this period. with various problems of the construction industry especially the problem of labor shortages, labor costs, and construction processes that must compete with time. Need more speed Steel structure houses are getting more and more attention.

Highlights of steel structure houses

  • Fast construction Steel is the best construction material that can reduce time costs. Complete work quickly and on time because steel can be used immediately without any other steps
  • Unique shape design. Steel structures can be designed for a wider variety of homes than any other type. because of the steel used to build houses There are many types and sizes and can also be bent, folded, stretched to meet the desired shape.
  • Light weight Steel structure is lighter. Reduce the use of piles and the steel beam columns are small It makes the inside of the house open and spacious, without columns or beams, which makes it easy to place furniture.
  • Clean work site. Steel structure construction does not require mixing of sand, stone, soil, cement, so the work site is dry, looks clean and tidy, reducing dust spreading.
  • Strong and flexible. Steel is durable, not different from cement. When choosing full steel, shaped steel, TIS steel that can support a lot of weight which makes it strong but still flexible support earthquake
  • Can be built in a specific area. light steel easy to move Therefore, it can be built in places with high restrictions, such as high, narrow spaces.
  • Save labor costs. with a fast construction period and the construction process is less than other types of structures therefore shorten the working time reduced workload less reliant on the number of workers The wages are therefore reduced as well.

Disadvantages of steel structure houses

  • Steel prices have been adjusted all the time. Steel is a material that changes in price frequently. Therefore, when comparing only the cost of building materials Steel will be more expensive than cement. and more difficult to budget
  • Lack of skilled technicians Steel structure is a modern house building. Therefore, skilled technicians Highly experienced, not many employers or homeowners Must select technicians carefully This may be based on the work that the technicians or pre-build contractors have ever made to make a decision.
  • Later maintenance. Some steels may be subject to maintenance costs, such as non-galvanized steel. no rust paint There will be a cost of painting, coating, spraying to prevent rust. If choosing steel that is resistant to the sun, rain, does not rust, should choose galvanized steel. Finished alu-zinc coated steel that can be used immediately

So whether a steel frame house Concrete house structures or wooden structures have different advantages and precautions. Before making a construction decision, you should know your own needs. and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type, consult a home builder company with a comprehensive service Both design and construction to get the perfect home. Don’t waste time modifying later again.

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