Hotel Interior Design: How COVID-19 Affects Hospitality Design

Since the onset of the recent pandemic, our lives have all changed in one way or another. We have all heard and learned terms we have never encountered before: incidence, incubation period, infection rate, and many more. We know the difference between an FFP2, a KN95, and a simple medical mask. We have learned about distances as a measure to prevent droplet infections. Maybe you have even seen a graphic of the airflow in the interior of a restaurant – related to Covid, of course. The ventilation of buildings, like classrooms, offices, restaurants, and hotels, has almost become a separate field of scientific study. Hygiene standards have heightened, as well. Rules are stricter, and every area of any given location has to be designed mainly to be in line with the new Covid-19 guidelines. Particularly for hospitality, this is a major challenge.

Covid Guidelines and Guests’ expectations

Whether you need to consider how to keep your hotel clean or offer touch-free communication and enough distancing possibilities, your furniture is the be-all and end-all of your hotel. This is true because of the new Covid-requirements and your guests’ wishes, of course.

Your guests may also look for a different experience in a hotel these days. They may want exceptional cleaning standards, a place where social distancing to other guests is possible, and an accommodating location that still looks fashionable and comfortable. Furthermore, they may expect modernization and flexibility when it comes to check-in, admission, and bookings. Online-check ins should be possible, admissions to their room via a digital key card on their smartphone desirable, and the booking of their breakfast as touch-free as possible. They may even want to dine separately from the other guests.

Therefore, the design of any establishment in the hospitality sector needs to allow for these improvements and still look comfortable and pleasant, perhaps even more than before. Travel restrictions and longer check-ins can be a bother for your guests, and it may have an impact on their overall holiday experience.

Find the Right Furniture

Every piece of furniture must be aesthetically pleasing. The furniture should also suit the design and the rest of your interior and preferably even the exterior of your locality. It also must be cleanable, and if possible, easily cleanable. Nowadays, furniture should be elegant in its style, as well. Surfaces have to be resistant to substances such as disinfectants, sofas have to be comfortable for everyone. So, it is best if the furniture shows a certain elegance yet remains a practicable object for you and your guests. Finding the right furniture for your specific location can be a difficult task. We will tell you what makes the difference between a mediocre interior and one that is excellent. What makes or leaves the biggest impression on your guests?

What Makes the Difference

Even though comfort also plays a role in how your furniture looks, it is the essential quality your interior has to offer your guests. Therefore, the materials used for the furniture matter the most because they decide about the practicability and comfort of your hotel. Thus, being creative and considering your options is a must, as this is a long term investment if done right.

The general hotel furniture, consisting of tables and chairs, make the first impression. So, a comfortable interior in the lobby matters more than ever. The outdoor seating accommodations may make the garden or terrace a second living room. The comfort outdoors matters, and your guests ought to feel well accommodated there. However, the furniture in your rooms or the apartments probably matters the most.

Of course, comfort is the first priority, especially for your guests. The fabric of every sofa, every couch has to be of high quality. Also, things always look better in the right light. Choose your lighting wisely so that your stylish interior can ablaze with light. Lastly, the walls may colour the emotions of the people inside – literally. They are an often overlooked aspect when planning an interior design. There is no doubt that spending some time choosing the right furniture is a good idea.

Having said that, being creative in choosing and designing your interior can be a difficult task. Hoga.Search will help you find the best furniture for your hotel and give you all the options to create an outstanding, high-quality interior for your hotel. You can find all of the above-mentioned aspects on their website and are guaranteed to get good quality from them.


Finding the right furniture is probably the trickiest task, regarding the new pandemic related requirements and the right orientation toward your guests. It can, however, be a blessing for many years to have made the right choice on this one. If you have the right furniture, the hotel employees are on your side since they can clean and serve in a comfortable, safe, and stylish environment. The satisfaction of your customers is guaranteed to rise, and people will love to take pictures of your stylish interior. So, go and find the best furniture for your hotel and sort out an excellent design for the entire interior of your hotel!


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