Home Maintenance Hacks for This Season

Home maintenance is an important aspect of your home. Regular home maintenance ensures that your home supplies and appliances are good and working. It can extend the life of your home systems too.  However, it is a tedious task to have home maintenance regularly and keep our homes up to date. Some hacks can make home maintenance easier and less boring. So let’s dig into some home maintenance hacks to make this season easier!

Bedroom Maintenance

Let’s begin with the very important room of your house: the bedroom. A bedroom is a place where you relax by the end of a long day at work. So it is important to take care of it, otherwise, it will compromise your comfort.


One of the most important things in the bedroom that need maintenance is your mattress. Use a mattress cover for your mattress. These keep them safe from bed bugs and prevent water stains. Make sure you also spray your mattress with an anti-bug spray and anti-bacterial to keep your mattress free from bacteria. Do not immediately cover it with sheets. First, allow it to dry and then replace the sheets.

Bathroom Maintenance

Bathroom maintenance is one of the most difficult areas for maintenance. However, if you use some of these hacks then you will get your bathroom up to date in no time.

Caulk and Seal

Caulking can be difficult, even for experienced people. To get straight and even lines, you can use painter’s tape. Make sure to clean the area and then allow it to dry. Once it has dried, apply the painter’s tape and start applying the caulk. Remove the caulk while it is still wet. Get more information at Faith Hills Conway SC


If you hate water stains on the faucets in your bathroom, an easy way to get rid of them is by rubbing a cut lemon on them. Car wax is a good option for preventing them in the first place. If your bathroom faucets are made out of chrome or stainless steel, then a good way to stop them from getting dull is by using baby oil.

Shower Curtains

Take care of your shower curtain. Shower curtains tend to get dirty a lot and if you are too busy to clean them, then put them in the washing machine with some bleach. Let them dry and hang them back in your bathroom.

Exhaust Fan

We often forget to clean the exhaust fan while it is the most important part of our bathroom. This is because dirt accumulates in the exhaust making it less efficient. Make sure you put in the effort to clean those regularly.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom can be a good breeding ground for bacteria and so it is important to keep your bathroom hygienic. You can do this by tile grouting with a beach pen.


Does your mirror get dirty often? Use shaving cream to get rid of marks on your bathroom mirror, keeps it clean for longer.


If your showerhead gets a buildup that is difficult to remove, try attaching to it a bag of vinegar for some time. You will get clean showerheads without any crusty buildup. You can also use this technique for dull faucets.


Lastly, do not forget to unclog your drains. You can do this by using a drain snake to remove hair and then use Alka-Seltzer instead of harsh chemicals to unclog it further.

Kitchen Maintenance

Kitchens need a lot of attention in regular home maintenance. It is also the most time-consuming task as the kitchen has the biggest buildup of grime, cooking oils, and dirt. Kitchen maintenance is not only important to keep your house in good shape but also because it is the place where you cook food for your family.


The first area for maintenance should be your refrigerator. Give some space behind the refrigerator for some energy savings. The problem with the refrigerator occurs when there is ice build-up in your refrigerator. The best remedy for this is to spray your freezer walls with cooking spray.


A microwave is a handy appliance in the kitchen. It is also important to keep it clean because if it is unhygienic you may contaminate your food. However, the job can be made easier by heating white vinegar in your microwave for a while and then wiping out grime easily with a wet towel.

Vent Hoods

We all know that vent hoods are the perfect places for dust accumulation. Use mineral oil to avoid dust collecting in your vent hoods. Oil will act as a dust repellent.


Dull silverware can look really bad in the kitchen. The easy method for bringing the shine back is to use ketchup. Ketchup is a good way to remove any marks on the silverware and make it look good as new.

Appliances Maintenance

This is one aspect that has to be taken care of as it requires a lot of investment to equip your home with the latest appliances. You should definitely maintain but before that, you should consider having Home Repair Services plans as they may help you out in case there is an unfortunate event like a power surge. As for how to maintain  them, here are some things you should know:

Water Heater

You can drain your water heater as there may be an accumulation of calcium, or lime, etc. You can also have it checked by a professional from water heater repair Las Vegas to ensure that it runs efficiently.

Ice Maker

Always empty out your ice regularly as it may become a huge problem if it turns into solid blocks.


You can descale your dishwasher by using vinegar. It will remove residue and deep clean it. Make sure, you repair any damages in the dishwasher racks.

Final Thoughts

As important it is to make a new home, it is also important to keep it maintained. So you can live a healthy and wholesome life with your family as a well-maintained house is more hygienic, well ventilated, and spacious.

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