History of British casinos

At all times, gambling in Great Britain has been the main hobby of the inhabitants. In the last millennium, England remained one of the countries where gambling was “at its best”. History knows many examples when the English left large sums of money in gambling establishments, Including casino not blocked by gamstop. Well, how was born the love of the British to the games we will consider today.

The development of gambling in Great Britain

Even in primitive society there were various stones, figurines, sticks in order to predict the future. Shamans did this by throwing them in the air and by the way they landed they told the future of people. Furthermore, sticks and stones were used for different games and contests, even back then there were some kind of wagers on luck in the form of meat or other useful things. At the end of the games, whoever got a positive result and walked away with the winnings.


In Anglo-Saxon times there was a popular game of toss-up, or as it was then called – Fivestones. The essence of the game was that they threw pig or sheep shanks and had to catch them, and the one who caught more shanks and became the winner. Bets were placed before the first game. This game was also called “the game of dough.

Gambling decree

There is also a story that in 1190 issued a decree that gambling had no right to soldiers who were below the rank of knights. And those, in turn, could only gamble up to twenty shillings a day. Many historians believe that it was this decree that gave rise to the prohibition of gambling in all countries.

Betting on animals

In England there was also betting on animals, and it all started with bull trading, common in those days in the country. The trade was more of a bloody competition between bulls, and at the same time an interesting activity for fans of gambling. Bets were also placed on roosters. At this time already some Englishmen exchanged personal belongings for money, and vice versa, and thus the betting became only money.

Card games

In the fourteenth century in England is growing in popularity card games, which came here from Asia. The British remake the card deck, and thus appear all the familiar four suits.

During the Georgian era, games spread to the upper classes, namely card games. At that time, the most famous games were whist, point, pharaoh and picket. Thus, in Great Britain, the English were very fond of indulging in gambling. Many of the games that were in England in those days are popular today.


Nowadays, everything is much easier, among people are gaining popularity so-called best casino offers uk, you can see not a few slot machines and video slots. The UK is not a gambling country. But sports betting is very popular there. But with casinos, it is not so straightforward.

Bingo game

Generally, the British are a gambling people. They gave the world the game of bingo. The first gambling halls with bingo for money appeared in 1960, when the law allowing a little bit of gambling came out. Then the law was slightly expanded and began licensing casinos, it was in 1968 and that’s when the first slot machines appeared in the country. It is interesting that the slot machines were few – no more than 10 for each institution. Later such restrictions were removed, but the British still remember the queues to the slot machines!

Another funny fact is that until 2005 it was forbidden to have a bingo hall and slot machines in the same place. When this ban was abolished and they started to open “combined” establishments, they were immediately called super-casinos.

UK gambling today

At the moment, all the main types of gambling are allowed in the UK. Of course, subject to obtaining a license and passing all the bureaucratic procedures in the Gambling Commission, which reports to the State Department of Culture, Media and Sport. With the exception of sports betting, this is the fiefdom of the Finance Council. Also controlled are the so-called “remote gambling”, which is just online casinos.

The benefits of online gaming

In terms of doing business online casinos are simple – a license to operate, plus an additional 15% tax. That’s it. However, the British themselves are not very eager to play on British casino sites, more prefer other countries. This choice is obvious – domestic sites offer almost no bonuses and gifts, and foreign sites just fill up with gifts. For example, double your first deposit on your account, generously give freespins, cash tournaments, cashback and other services are widespread. In this case, there are no problems with access, as well as with the deposit and withdrawal of money back. Electronic money and international bank cards are supported. Language problems, too, no, because the slot machine simulators support different languages.


Britain has a very interesting and fascinating history, and the same applies to the development of gambling in this country. The British have always loved gambling, which is why the country boasts one of the best gambling markets in the world. Britain has many both land-based and online establishments, which anyone can visit.

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