High pressure car wash machine price in Kenya

There are a variety of brands offering an amazing range of powerful car wash machines designed for both manual and automatic applications. These machines exist in different sizes, usability which can be domestic or professional and on how they are powered that’s either by petrol or electricity. What are the tips for selecting the best car wash machines in Kenya?

tips onthe best car wash machines

The number of vehicles being imported to Kenya every year has increased rapidly, increasing the demand for carwash facilities. This type of business is becoming more profitable as most people prefer outdoor services compared to indoor. Before venturing into this business however, you need to consider several factors such as the starting capital, strategic location for the business, a reliable carwash machine and other factors as explained below.

Categories of car wash machines in Kenya

High pressure car wash machine price in Kenya is mostly influenced by the functionality and brand of the equipment. With that, I have classified the machines into two broad categories listed below.

Commercial machines.

These types of machines are the most pursued by most businesses in the country. They discharge water at a very high speedwith the help of their powerful motors thus fit for hired cleaning companies. Most of them are fitted with extensive hosepipes with higher flow rates for cleaning. Their prices too are a bit higher compared to their domestic ones because of their many handy features.

Household car wash machines

With these, you don’t have to hire an expert to clean your car. They are beneficial in that you can move around with them but then have low flow rates making the cleaning process time consuming. They are not only affordable but also easy to handle and maintain saving you the cost of frequent repairs.

What you ought to consider before getting a car wash machine

I have analysed the basic information you need to know before making any car wash machine purchase.


What type of fuel does the machine use? Is there reliable electricity in your place? If not, you should opt for the petrol run machine. Look at the likely expenditure on energy consumption of the equipment for increased efficiency.

Initial capital.

This is the main factor affecting car wash machine price in Kenya. What’s the total amount of money available to procure the equipment? If your budget is higher, you might want to consider a high pressure machine for commercial purposes. When budgeting, keep in mind that an electric powered machine is more expensive than the gasoline one.

Pressure and flow rates.

In most cases, a machine with higher pressure has higher flow rates so water is discharged at a greater speed. If you’re going to use the machine for commercial purposes, consider these two factors for easy cleaning.

Engine size and the length of the hose

Make sure you check out the watts of an electric machine or horsepower denoted as HP on a petrol brand. If the ratings are higher, the expected output in terms of flow rates and pressure will also be powerful. Whether you’re purchasing a car wash machine for domestic or commercial use, make sure the hose is long enough for convenience while cleaning,


When it comes to selecting a car wash machine in the country, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. In addition to the ones discussed above, consider the machine’s portability, renowned brands and even the storage space available.

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