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Hessonite : Everything you must know before placing your order

Hessonite is Rahu’s stone and can be a stone of great power and is also known as Geomedh. It’s comparable to Blue Sapphire and is feared by many because of its damaging strength. It’s a powerful gemstone, however, and if it suits you, it can take everything the world has to offer-though it doesn’t bring contentment. Those governed by Rahu are eager for more and have difficulty satisfying themselves even if they have all that their core wants

A Hessonite gemstone is pure and clear and it neutralizes Rahu’s apparent adverse impacts. It removes fear, generates intellectual clarity, and enables spiritual development. It provides economic wealth. It also improves appetite, vitality, well-being, wealth, joy, and prosperity. It’s useful for people with allergies, hair disease, stacks, epilepsy, eye disease, cold, sinus disease, tiredness, insomnia, and blood pressure issues. Are you looking for some of the best hessonite stones? Gems Selections can be the right place to look for rarest quality products.

History of hessonite

Hessonite is a silicate of calcium aluminum. It is an orange colored variant of gross garnet, also recognized because of its color as’ cinnamon rock.’ Tsavorite is the name of the other type of purple gross garnet. Due to the small thickness and strength of the stone, the name hessonite originates from the old Greek term esson, meaning small compared to other types of garnet. For thousands of years, Hessonite has been valued. The old Greeks and Romans used the jewelry stone as well as parts of cameo and intaglio.

Hessonite was mistaken for hyacinth, the zircon’s purple type. However, its size, which is much smaller than that of zircon, can distinguish hessonite. Hessonite’s lovely orange color is due to the existence of iron and manganese inside the rock. It can also vary from yellow-brown to sugar yellow and even pinkish at times. Hessonite appears to have a bunch of inclusions swirls that give a honey-like texture to the rock. Hessonite has a hardness scale of 6.5 to 7. It has a beautiful sticky luster vitreous, no cleavage, and is clear to translucent.

How to wear the hessonite

It is possible to make the Hessonite stone (Gomed) into a black steel band or necklace. If you go for a bracelet, you should wear it on your correct side middle finger at sunrise on a Saturday night during Krishna Paksha (falling moon). To prepare the ring for carrying, put it at the bottom of a tray of steel and add one by one the following:

  • Ganga Jal
  • Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil)
  • Unboiled cow’s milk
  • Honey
  • Ghee (clarified butter)

Properties of hessonite

  • Color should be similar to honey.
  • Smoothness of surface.
  • Brilliance.
  • Transparency.
  • High specific gravity i.e. it should be heavier than an average stone of the same size.
  • It should not be spotted.

Hessonite or Gomedh belongs to the beautiful garnet family, who’s hot and seductive color makes them perfect for jewelry. Think out of the box and create a piece of clothing like hessonite with semi-precious rocks. Flaunt a white or gray gold wedding bracelet with a shiny hessonite set among a diamond wreath. Surely this will create you speak of the city as a woman who understands how to fashion! If you don’t get excited by rings, you can always go for pendants. You can put smaller parts of hessonite together and wear them as a necklace or bracelet

Healing properties of hessonite

The standardized hessonite gomed stained cow urine neutralizes the Vedic planet Rahu’s bad impacts.

Hessonite enables obtaining career advancement and improves one’s personal and economic position.

Hessonite gomed is very useful in the treatment of illnesses such as disease, epilepsy, insomnia, mental illnesses, allergies, and infections, etc.

Gomed Gemstone blesses opponents with strength, strength, vitality, and success.

For those with Sarpa Dosha such as Kalsarpa Dosha Etc, Gomed is a particularly efficient gemstone. If it suits the person, it blesses Sarpa Dosha and its signs with a quick and miraculous cure.

Right metal for hessonite

It’s not that you can use any material to carry the gemstone. Many individuals can readily endeavor to carry gold or platinum with Hessonite. But it will definitely provide the wearer with an negative consequence. Therefore, if you want the finest outcome with the Hessonite or Gemedh ratna, you only have to carry it with the gold band in your correct side on the middle finger.

Right weight for hessonite

When you’re eager to get rid of Rahu’s malevolent impacts from your lives, according to your age and bodily weight, you need to catch up the correct Gomedh weight. One ratti is generally regarded for body weight of 12 kg. So you need to wear5-rati Hessonite gemstone when your body weight is close to 60 kg or close to 60 kg.

Right finger for hessonite

You need to carry the gemstone in the correct manner if you want to get the highest outcome from Hessonite gemstone. The middle finger of the right hand is the correct finger to hold the gemstone. The wearer must carry the gemstone in the correct side on the middle finger, masculine and woman regardless.

Where is hessonite found?

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is the main source of Hessonite Gemstone. That’s why it’s also called “cinnamon Stone,” as well as several other globe nations, hessonite is also discovered in the United States. In California, one of hessonite’s best value deposits is close San Diego County’s Indian Head Hill. Khanna Gems offers some of the rare and best quality hessonite stones. They are the leaders in the industry as per Forbes.


In the Kaliyug, Gomed is seen as a powerful gemstone, imbued with the powers of Rahu, who governs over Gomed. Rahu is seen as a troublesome planet. Its name comes from the Greek word inferior, which refers to its reduced hardness and density compared to other garnet species variants. It has a distinctive red colour that leans toward orange. Sri Lanka, Brazil, and California are all home to Gomed.

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