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Nothing is more pleasing to the mind and body than having a blanket embrace you lovingly on a chilly day or tucking your legs inside them and enjoying the warm and comfy soft sensation of the cloth against your skin. Blankets are available in various sizes, textures, weights, and degrees of warmth. A Korean blanket is a special mink blanket popular in Korea and China. It is highly sought after by people globally because of its unique appearance. If you’ve never bought one before, you will benefit from the information below.

What is a Korean blanket?

They are made from synthetic fabric and other materials, including cotton, plush, linen, and flannel. Their softness and feel would immediately remind you of mink fur. Besides providing the highest degree of comfort, they are also used as decorative pieces and enhance the appearance of a bedroom, sofa, chair, or any other item in the house. You will find both machine-made and handmade varieties in the market. Because they are so soft, they produce a soothing effect on your skin. They come in floral and geometric designs and in an equal variety of colors, including brighter shades and pastels.

Is it easy to maintain?

They are extremely easy to maintain, provided you follow the instructions and take good care of them. Although you can use regular laundry detergent, you must avoid bleach and fabric softener at all times. It is also better to use cold water since hot water will quickly lead to discoloration. When using a washing machine, try to set it to a gentle or delicate cycle. After you’ve completed washing, set the dryer to the lowest heat since a higher temperature might cause it to melt in specific places and even distort its overall shape.

Tips for buying

It is advisable to consider certain things while buying, and here are some of them.


You can either choose a king-size or queen-size blanket, depending on your bed’s size and whether you will be sharing it with another person. A king-sized blanket will measure approximately 108 x 100 inches, while a queen-sized will measure 90 X 100 inches. If you are going to be using it, a queen-sized one will do the job perfectly.


What kind of fabric has been used to manufacture the blanket will determine its softness, texture, and feel. Polyester is the best material for these kinds of blankets because they last a long time and do not lose their color and shape despite years of washing. Check the product specifications to see if it’s made of 100% polyester, since that way you can be assured of receiving the highest quality. However, if you are hypoallergenic or have skin conditions, cotton blankets are the best choice, as they offer the best breathability and softness.


Any blanket, including a Korean one, is made using various techniques, including woven, nonwoven, knitted, crocheted, and quilted. It’s better to have an idea of each before making a choice. If you buy a crocheted blanket, it is less likely to unravel than a knitted one, but knitted blankets are softer and have greater flexibility.


Feature refers to the type of blanket and its qualities, including wearable, folded, waterproof, heated, disposable, and non-disposable. For instance, wearable blankets are those that you can wear instead of simply placing them over your body. They are lightweight and weigh between two and six kilograms.


These blankets stand apart from others because they come in a wide variety of patterns. Some of the choices you have for designs include animals, stripes, geometry, celebrities, endless portraits, marines, characters, plants, and leaves.

These are some details you ought to remember if you want your Korean blanket to give you an excellent experience. From enjoying its warmth during a night’s sleep to enhancing the beauty of your home, these blankets are just what you need.

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