Heels or flats: What is best for you? 

Let’s admit it- we women love heels, but in the hearts of hearts, we know that there is nothing more comforting than flat sandals. Almost all of us have experience with both kinds of footwear. At least, we all have experience with flats because we can’t run last-minute shopping with heels on.

We understand that there is a significant difference in comfort between the two. However, it might not be enough to convince someone to give up heels favouring flat sandals for women? If you don’t believe it, keep reading to learn about a few more reasons why you should put your shoes away.

Here are a few valid reasons for loving your flats:

Flats are more realistic:

Have you ever experienced a last-minute venture with heels on! If you’ve ever tried to grab a cab while wearing a high heel, you know that it’s not at all easy. We have seen walks on the runway, but surely no marathons! A pair of flats can assist you in the running faster. Also, it will help you in preventing injuries that heels can cause.

Doctors advise flats:

We have always heard by the orthopaedic and doctors that excessive heels can lead to severe and irreversible foot abnormalities. In the short run also, these are not good for the health of the feet. Bunions, joint pain, and unusual bumps are common examples. Therefore, doctors always advise flat sandals for women.

Heels can help you avoid injuries:

Many women trip and lose balance while putting on heels. As a result, they might suffer ankle strains and other problems. These abnormal postures while wearing have the potential to cause hairline fractures in the foot’s sensitive bones. These kinds of injuries can also lead to problems in the knees and spine. Many different types of research have also shown that fatigue is caused due to continual wearing of heels.

Flat sandals for women are more comfortable.

You will not be towering above people if you are put on heels. So, even if you prefer heels just for a taller appearance, you can have better choices. Even if you are wearing a pair from the best brand on the planet, heels may make you feel uncomfortable. However, if you want to be comfier, wear flats always.

Your toes will be significantly affected by the impact of heels and their aftermath. Every pointed-toed shoe can make you uncomfortable, but the toes will suffer much more when you add the inclination of an excessively high heel.

Stick to flats for events and functions:

Weddings & celebrations come with a lot of fuss! Sometimes you have even to run

around to make things right! Besides, if you are going to a distant place and an unknown venue, you never know what kind of location you will have to encounter! Having a pair of flats on hand can prevent any embarrassing situations or accidents caused by unfamiliar terrain.

Flats are pretty adaptable:

Everybody will agree here! There is nothing more adaptable and friendly than a pair of flat sandals for women. You can rely on them everywhere you go! You can wear them to work, grocery shopping, and then again for your evening walk. Pretty much a reason to choose flats. Isn’t it? Here, flats have earned the brownie points! Because we know that doing grocery shopping or working out could be havoc with heels on!

When we talk about adaptability, flats are adaptable in terms of occasion and with every apparel. Indeed, you can’t pair heels with yoga pants and tracksuits! But this is not the case with sandals. Even if you are not a big fan of sports shoes, you can rely on a comfortable pair of sandals for your workouts!

Flats readily transition from day till night. They go in a variety of outfits. Wear them with business attire and then change into a pair of jeans for a more relaxed appearance in the afternoon.

Blisters are less familiar with flat sandals for women: 

This will undoubtedly save money on Band-Aids. And indeed, it will make you relaxed from the worries of putting on a new pair. It will also allow you to wear that adorable footwear every day. No matter how expensive heels you have added to your cupboard, there will be blisters. Thankfully, flats are here to save you!

Clip-clop, clip-clop: Have you ever attempted to be walking stealthily while wearing heels? Quite a point of irritation! It’s not going to work in a formal setting or amidst huge folklore!

Well, if you want to have a reliable pair of footwear for all kinds of needs, then a pair of flat sandals for women is a must-have! Hopefully, you will find enough reasons here!

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