Have More Fun on Your Next Business Trip by Visiting These 8 Cities

We get it: traveling for business isn’t always the most exciting experience. But what if you could plan your next business trip with having a little fun in mind?

Here’s some good news: you can.

Several cities across the United States might surprise you with what they can offer for fun and entertainment, even if you’re visiting for work purposes.


Great! Let’s explore some of the country’s top cities for business trips and what to look for while you’re deciding how to spend your free time there.

Denver, Colorado

Major companies in the technology, manufacturing, bioscience and engineering industries have made Denver their home base (and for good reasons).

Denver hosts a diverse and intelligent population, in addition to offering a wide variety of recreational activities for visitors.

When you visit Denver in the winter, be sure to visit some of the region’s legendary ski resorts. In warmer weather, explore the natural beauty by enjoying a hike, swimming in a local body of water, or attending an outdoor music festival.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a rich history and has been the hub for multiple, well-established industries like finance, insurance, travel, and manufacturing. As one of the top business travel destinations in the world, it’s also become an ideal location for emerging brands to set up shop due to the diverse workforce and its central location.

Most business travelers love to experience Chicago through incredible dining experiences, live music venues, comedy, and world-famous museums.

an Jose, California

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose boasts some of the best restaurants and performing arts venues in the state of California.

It’s also home to a hockey team and a neighboring city to Santa Clara, where the 49ers play football. The Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants play at stadiums easily accessible via public transit if you’re a baseball fan.

Atlanta, Georgia

As one of the oldest cities in the American South, it’s no surprise that Atlanta is both an established business destination as well as a cultural hub.

Atlanta has plenty to offer business travelers with any type of recreational interest, including food, art, sports, and historic districts home to family-owned businesses.

Boston, Massachusetts

Healthcare, University Education, Innovative Technology, Insurance, and Finance are all vibrant sectors in Boston.

In addition to being one of the best cities to learn about history in the United States, Boston is also a major hub for some of the nation’s most prominent industries.

In Boston, you’ll discover both casual and fine dining experiences that celebrate local and international fare. Weather permitting, opportunities to explore outdoors abound.

Austin, Texas

In recent years, the capital city of Texas has become a hotspot for startups and established organizations seeking a fresh, new place to call home.

With a warm climate and endless options for outdoor activities, live music, nightlife, and dining experiences, Austin is a favorite location for having fun while traveling for business.

An added perk? Austin specializes in welcoming business travelers from all over the world and offers flexible, accessible meeting and event spaces in exciting locations for groups of any size.

St. Louis, Missouri

Whether the arts, music, sports, or museums spark your interest, St. Louis has something exciting to offer.

It’s home to firms specializing in bioscience, aerospace, communications, publishing, as well as several established food manufacturers and processors.

Pro tip: visit Forest Park to experience some of the city’s most incredible (and free) offerings, like the Science Center and botanical gardens.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is no longer solely defined by its well-known status as The Country Music Capital of the World.

While it remains one of the country’s most vibrant music and entertainment scenes, Nashville has both maintained its other established industries and attracted new, innovative brands in the last decade.

The city’s recent growth as an exciting business travel destination has inspired new local experiences as well: you’ll find unique locations for shopping, dining, exploring the outdoors, and diving into Nashville’s rich cultural history.


While it’s important to stay focused and prioritize your company’s mission while on a business trip, there’s always room to have a little fun exploring your destination.

Next time you’re planning business travel or scheduled to visit one of these incredible cities, be sure to refer back to these insider tips.

Safe travels, and enjoy!

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