Hairstyles You Can Try with Clip-In Extensions    

You can find various options to make hairstyles with wigs on the internet. If you are looking for different ways to style your hair with clip in extensions, you have reached the right place.

Here are five hairstyles that are achievable with clip-in extensions. Within this article, you will find instructions for each of these looks.

Curly Fringe

There are many fashionable products in the market you can use for making hairstyles. According to reports, the global hair accessories market size was valued at $20.0 billion in 2018. It is expected to register a CAGR of 15.2 percent from 2019 to 2025.

The sweet look with a curly fringe is fun to pull off for both you and your long bob-haired gal pals! It’s also effortless to do. Just take out your trusty curling wand or iron, section off the top half of your head by clipping it up into a messy bun. Then curl away!

Next, use some bobby pins to tuck in any pieces around your face that are sticking out too much. Repeat on the bottom section but make sure to leave out one or two curls to frame your face. Spray everything down with a firm, holding hairspray to seal in your look.

Half Up

The look with this hairstyle is great for both hot and cold weather. Warm up this winter by wearing a base layer underneath, like a thin grey sweater, cami, or tee. For extra warmth, throw on your trusty leather jacket over that (or even an oversized coat; you do you).

On top of that, layer up with some flowy ivory trousers, then break out the black suede boots. Keep it simple with just one shade of taupe shadow over the lid, mascara, and light pink lip stain.

Let those long lashes do most of the talking by keeping your hair simple. This look is easy to achieve with clip in extensions that will give you the length needed to make this style work.

The Knot

The knot is always a cute and effortless look for all of us lazy girls out there, but let’s face it; sometimes even we need a little oomph up top! If you feel like doing something more complex than just throwing your hair into a messy bun, then try creating two braids (one on each side) using some medium-sized pieces of blonde extension hair.

To finish it off, tuck the end of your natural locks underneath the bottom braid and knot them together.

Triple Braid

To create a cute triple braid, pick out three medium-sized pieces of hair with blonde extensions from the clip in extensions section. Begin by tying off the end with some clear elastic string, then begin braiding from your natural roots down to the tip of your hair.

Since there are three different pieces, you’ll need to use three different elastics but try not to mix them up or let anyone notice. Once you have finished braiding each piece separately, tie all three ends together and wrap some clear tape around it for extra security.

Tousled Top Knot

If you wish to try a tousled look, tie your hair up into a top knot as usual but leave out some pieces around your face to frame it. Tiffany opted for some loose side-swept waves, which are achieved by rotating the curling wand or flat iron in opposite directions around your head.

Make sure to keep wrapping those layers on until they have come away from your face thoroughly, then spray that baby down with hairspray. It not only works on short and long-haired girls alike, but the sky’s the limit on how high you can stack this kind of bun.

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