Green Energy Wonders of Nature

“Green energy,” the key energy that will change the world for the better and ready to drive the country towards sustainable development many years ago, the story of “Green energy” has received attention in both the public and private sectors. Therefore because it is a natural fuel that is environmentally friendly and does not create pollution from the production process, it has begun to be developed and used more broadly. Here is a little discussion about how vital this type of alternative energy is.

What is green energy?

Green energy or clean energy is energy derived from nature. Environmentally friendly Does not cause harmful pollution like other types of energy which may contain carbon dioxide from the production process, processing, utilization, and management waste or waste which is one of the causes of global warming. Natural energy can still be used indefinitely, unlike fossil fuels such as crude oil and coal, with limited resources. After using it, it may run out one day and also emit greenhouse gases during combustion.

Why use clean energy?

The reason, why all over the world focus on clean energy is that clean energy is essential for economic development along with environmental protection, helps maintain the natural balance not to be destroyed by various toxic gases that cause global warming like dust, Carbon Monoxide, and carbon dioxide It also reduces the impact on the ecosystem. It will also help improve people’s quality of life and health in the long run, even before there was a high-cost constraint. But at present, many agencies, including the government sector, are continuously developing this technology. So that everyone can use clean energy at a lower cost and more tangible both in the industrial sector, the agricultural sector, and the general public.

The best source of Green energy

Solar power

Solar power is one of the best sources of green energy. The solar system is essential for Grünwelt WärmestromThere are two types of energy derived from sunlight, which are:

  1. Using solar energy to produce heat such as hot water production and drying.
  2. Using solar energy to generate electricity. By using a device as an intermediary called “Solar cells” or “Solar cells” (Solar Cell) itself.


energy, clean energy derived from “wind” by using “windmills” as a medium for changing kinetic energy. Wind movement into mechanical energy used for pumping water, grinding grain, and generating electricity must be in an area with consistent wind speed. There are only some areas and are still mainly in the development and demonstration stage.


Green energy or clean energy is derived from “water” by using “water turbines” to change kinetic energy (Water flow) into mechanical energy. The same principle applies to power generation with wind turbines before being used for generating electricity Start by collecting water in dams, weirs, or reservoirs. Before releasing water from a high place, spin a water turbine to generate electricity. The amount of energy obtained depends on many factors such as water level, water volume, and water turbine efficiency,

Biomass energy

Clean energy derived from agricultural waste or waste from industrial production processes such as wood chips, rice straw, bagasse, corncobs, coconut shells, factory wastewater, or animal dung Can be used for a variety of uses, such as fermentation to absorb biogas incineration to convert heat into electricity and using it as a fuel to produce electricity or steam in factories, etc.

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