Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life That Has Everything

We all have that friend—or are that friend. This friend loves their kitten more than most people and spoils them rotten at every opportunity. Call them a “cat parent” or a “crazy cat person,” but one thing is for sure—your favorite cat owner cherishes their furry friend more than anything.

As a result, it’s unsurprising that they seem to have everything they or their cat could want or need. So when it’s time to pick the perfect present for your favorite pet parent, you want to find unique gift ideas like these to find something they’ll love—and don’t already have. 

Fun for Both Cat & Cat Owner

You already know your friend is happiest when they’re with their feline friend. So why not tie some of that joy into your gift? A present from Cardboard Cat Homes will fuel plenty of fun. The cat will love the comfort and privacy their creative cardboard cat house offers.

Meanwhile, their human will love watching their pet play in a cardboard cat condo or home—not to mention the fact that Fluffy will turn to the eco-friendly corrugated cardboard to relieve their urge to scratch, not the couch. 

Veterinarian-Approved Wellness

Their cat’s health is your friend’s priority. Between regular vet visits and their pet’s overall quality of life, they do everything humanly possible to ensure their pet is happy and healthy. Talk to your friend about CBD oil for cats and help them make that happen!

Be sure to reach out before giving this gift as they’ll want to consult their veterinarian before giving CBD or other supplements to their fur baby. That way, you can be sure to choose the right CBD product, dosage, and other options to avoid and side effects in this favorite feline. 

Feeding a Big Appetite

Does the kitten in question have a hunger to rival Garfield’s? Some special treats or kibble could be the perfect addition to your personalized pet present. Check with the pet owner to make sure the cat doesn’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions or reach out in advance if you’re considering a treat that contains CBD oil—or if their furry friend is picky despite that appetite. 

A Calming Effect on the Kitten

If your friend’s kitty suffers from separation anxiety, thunderstorm or fireworks anxiety, or other stress and discomfort, the right gift might help them ease those symptoms. CBD products are one great example, as is a cardboard box house—CBD will alleviate anxiety, discomfort, and even arthritis and similar conditions, while a cat house will offer a safe place to hide whenever a stressor arrives. Pair this gift with a cozy bed for a comfortable way to combat chronic pain and other health issues, or seek out a cat treat that’s specially formulated to help calm their fears. 

Something to Spoil Them

You can surprise your cat-loving friend with a special gift that plays off their favorite feline without being for the cat itself. Pick out some cat-centric clothes or jewelry, or find a t-shirt that broadcasts their pet parent status to the world. Offer them a book of cat poems, facts, or photos, or a cat grass plant if they’ve got a green thumb. You can even find various car or fridge magnets mentioning their furry friend or custom-order a gift with their beloved pet’s photo. 

If you’re shopping for a friend who loves nothing more than their precious cat, it makes sense to consider that interest while choosing the perfect present. From cat-friendly CBD oil to cardboard cat houses, you can treat your friend and their pet in tandem—with thank yous and purrs of gratitude in return.

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