Getting Building and Pest Inspections in Brisbane North

Are you planning to buy a new property in Brisbane north? Brisbane north, being one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, has become a preferred destination for first-time home buyers and property investors. However, you would certainly not want to buy a house that has construction defects and pest issues. 

How to know your house has construction and pest issues? Obtaining a building and pest inspection report of the property you are going to purchase is the best way will make sure that it has no construction and pest-related issues.

Top Rated Building & Pest Inspection Company in Brisbane North

If you are looking for a property in Brisbane north, Clearcut Building Inspections, with its best building inspection and pest inspection services, will help you to make a confident decision. You can obtain the building and pest inspection reports on the same day, so as to make sure that you are going for the best deal.

Our building and pest inspection report will comprise all issues such as structural or construction defects in the interior and exterior of a property. We look for minor details of the property like rising damp, cracks in the walls, and safety hazards, which are not visible at first sight.

Teams of Experienced and Trained Professionals

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, our team is well-trained and equipped to inspect even minor structural defects in the property such as roof leaks, corrosion, tree roots, subsidence, etc, to ensure your hard-earned money is used in buying the right property.

Our building and pest inspection team is equipped with advanced tools and equipment such as modern thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and termite radar to inspect hard-to-reach areas, to prepare a detailed report.

An Array of Building and Pest Inspection Services

Whether it is a residential apartment or a commercial property, we offer a wide range of services for property and pest inspection to help you make the right decision.

Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase home inspections 
  • general building inspections 
  • Handover inspections 
  • Home warranty inspections 
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Timber pest inspections 
  • Meth Testing

Most Affordable Building and Pest Inspection Services 

Be it a pre-purchase home inspection, handover inspection, or timber pest inspection, Clearcut Building Inspections has a solution for all your property and pest inspection needs at the lowest price in Brisbane south. 

Whether you are an individual property buyer or investor, we have the best building and pest inspection solutions for every budget range, without compromising on speed, transparency, and quality. 

Summing up

You no longer need to be concerned about the issues in the property you are planning to buy. We at Clearcut Building Inspections are a call away to serve you the next time you plan to buy a property to make sure that the property you are planning to purchase has no issues. Contact us for building and pest inspections Brisbane north and book an inspection or get a quote. 

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